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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1: All You Need To Know Before Season 2

There are a bunch of changes in Fortnite: Chapter 2, including graphical and sound improvements, new and newly vaulted weapons, boats, the ability to swim, and even an entirely new map.


Chapter 2 introduces tons of new features to Fortnite: Battle Royale, including a new island map with 13 locations to explore. You’ll also be able to play around in the water in new ways, with support for swimming, fishing, and motorboats.


But one of the coolest changes is something that the game has needed ever since it launched.


The new map is the biggest change


When you drop out of the Battle Bus for the first time, you immediately see that Epic hasn’t uncovered the names of the new map locations. That’s an intentional part of Epic’s new medal system, which exists alongside challenges. It rewards you for completing various in-game activities, like finding and visiting some of the 13 new landmarks dotted around the new island. Some old points of interest — like Retail Row and Salty Springs — have also made the jump, giving players the option of returning to their favorite jump spots.


Boats boats boats




There’s also now motorboats for zooming around in, giving several new ways to navigate the island. 


Fewer guns


There’s a streamlined arsenal of weaponry this time around, no doubt to keep things simple at the outset of Season 1. Mainstays like the Pickaxe and Assault Rifle remain.


Better graphics


Fortnite Chapter 2 also comes with a visual upgrade, with cleaner and more vivid graphics throughout. Fortnite streamer DrLupo said that “The graphics genuinely makes it look like a brand new game”.


Level cap is gone


Other new additions include the removal of the level cap, meaning those of you at Level 100 can continue earning XP. We’re not currently sure what the new cap is, but 250 seems like an obvious choice.


Shoot health


shoot health fortnite


One incredible addition is a new health bazooka – the Bandage Bazooka, to be exact – revives your fallen squad members, putting friendly fire in a whole new light. There’s also a new set of emotes for high-fiving or synchronizing dance moves together – meaning you never have to floss alone again.


Ways to hide, and things to blow up


In classic Assassin’s Creed style, you’ll even be able to hide in hay bales (or dumpsters), while “gas tanks and explosive barrels” will make for some exciting environmental dangers.


Addition of achievements


One of the other significant changes in Fortnite Chapter 2 is the addition of achievements. There are a total of 52 achievements to unlock, and some of them are a bit more obvious than others.


For instance, the Double Trouble achievement is unlocked by winning 10 Season 1 Duo matches. However, the “I’m Trash” achievement is unlocked by . . . Well, it says “Just the worst” so we’re not quite sure. Though we suppose we have some matches that almost certainly qualify.


Some of these are super easy like “In the Zone,” which only requires you to land in the starting safe zone. Others are more difficult, like Squad Goals, which requires you to win 100 Season 1 Squad matches or even something like Rise & Grind, which you’ll only get if you hit level 250 this season.


In any case, here’s the full list. You can view the achievements in the Career Tab in-game.


career tab fortnite


In any case, here’s the full list. You can view the achievements in the Career Tab in-game:


Hide the Pain – Used a Bandage to heal yourself while in the storm.

Pier Fishing – Caught a fish off the Sweaty Sands pier.

Can I speak to a Manager? – Took out your frustrations on 20 Fishstick restaurant decorations.

All You Can Eat Sashimi – Ate all the fish and two plastic lobsters.

Let Yourself Down – Eliminate yourself by fall damage.

Collecting Rust – Harvested 999 Metal in a single match.

I’m Trash – Just the worst.

In the Zone – Landed inside the starting safe zone.

Who’s a Good Doggo? – You’re a good doggo. Yes, you are!

Were You Raised in a Barn!? – Got revived inside the Frenzy Farm barn.

Double Trouble – Won 10 Duos matches during Season 1.

Champion! – Won 10 Solo matches during Season 1.

Squad Goals – Won 100 Squads matches during Season 1.

Cabin Fever – You’ve been in this cabin for a long time.

Mission Complete! – Completed all Missions during Season 1.

Bushwacker – Destroyed 500 Holly Hedges.

Trophy Hunter – Eliminated an opponent with a Mythic Goldfish.

Tourist Trap – Eliminated an opponent with a Trap in Misty Meadows.

You’ve Hit a Brick Wall – Harvested 999 Stone in a single match.

Hittin’ the Hay – Hid in the hay.

Salt Bae – Been droppin’ Salty.

Desperate Times – You picked up a Common Pistol.

A Kick in the Grass – Scored a goal in the Pleasant Park soccer field.

Two Can Play That Game – Won 100 Duos matches during Season 1.

Victorious! – Won 100 Solo matches during Season 1.

Team Player – Won a Team Rumble match during Season 1.

Carrying the Team – You carried a teammate for 50 meters.

On A Mission! – Completed your first Season 1 Mission.

WARNING! – Slurpfish contain 4,000% of your daily recommended toxic waste.

Quick & Dirty – Eliminated an opponent in Dirty Docks within 60 seconds of jumping from the Battle Bus.

Submarine Submachine – Eliminated an opponent with an SMG while in water.

Woodchuck – Harvested 999 Wood in a single match.

Got ‘Em! – Eliminated an opponent who just opened a Supply Drop.

Lifeguard – Revive a knocked out teammate while in water.

Giving 110% – Reached Level 110 during Season 1.

Dodged a Bullet – Used a Medkit while at 1 Health.

Savor the W-Key – Won a Solo match with at least 10 eliminations.

Dream Team – Won a Squads match during Season 1.

In the Winner’s Circle – Won 100 Team Rumble matches during Season 1.

No one will believe you caught this. – Caught a Mythic Goldfish.

Sleep with the Fishes – Eliminated by a Mythic Goldfish.

Raw and Wiggling – Ate a Small Fry or a Flopper.

Going Nuclear – Eliminated 235 opponents at Steamy Stacks.

Gunk Ops – Gained 10,000 Health or Shield from Slurpy Swamp.

Friendly Fire – Healed teammates for 1,000 HP with the Bandage Bazooka.

New Island. Who Dis? – Landed on the new island for the first time.

Impossible! – You opened 7 chests at a drive-in theater in a single match?!

Rise & Grind – Reached Level 250 during Season 1.

One True Pairing – Won a Duos match during Season 1.

Your Time to Shine – Won a Solo match during Season 1.

10-4 Good Buddies – Won 10 Squads matches during Season 1.

Nice to Yeet You – You Yeeted an opponent.


Ooops, we lied to you: it’s not a full list of challenges. Check out Fortnite challenges on And earn some cash for some of those new emotes.

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