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  • Please tell me you got that on tape. Re-live any moment using the analytics information to understand what does and doesn't work. It's that simple.

Analyze pro matches to learn from the best.

IEM KATOWICE,February 2019

5 : 16

IEM KATOWICE,February 2019

9 : 16

IEM KATOWICE,February 2019

16 : 7


There isn't a single great team
that doesn't prepare.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words! An in-depth picture of the most basic yet important game statistics.

  • Show me the money! Quickly compare your strats to the teams that beat you.

  • Stats for pistol, eco, force, and full buy rounds

  • See how much was spent and saved

  • Detailed economy reports

  • Pew! Pew! Click. Compare stats on any T/CT combination with any gun in won or lost rounds.

  • Kill and Death heatmaps

  • Accuracy diagrams

  • Distance charts

  • Detailed weapons reports

  • Here comes the boom! Analyze the best way, when, and where to use grenades.

  • Compare any T/CT combination

  • Usage and accuracy by player

  • Grenade heatmaps

  • Detailed reports for each grenade type

  • Don’t let your first be your last. Learn where and when players should and shouldn’t go on different maps.

  • First on the market

  • Kill and Death heatmaps

  • Win rates

  • Detailed reports for round by round entries

  • And that’s how it's done, ladies and gentlemen. Understand which players should try for the clutch and which players should save their weapons.

  • Win rates

  • Who vs. how many

  • Detailed reports for each clutch