Nov 21

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Live on DreamTeam!

We know the gaming world has been waiting for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to drop for a long time. And it’s finally here! With that, DreamTeam is thrilled to announce that CoD has been added to the DreamTeam family and is now live on the platform! 


So what exactly do players get with DreamTeam CoD? In short, a lot. Continue reading for a full description of the CoD DreamTeam features: Profiles, Stats, LFG, and Challenges (coming soon).  


New Profile



DreamTeam launched our new Player Profiles on the same day as CoD. New DreamTeam members won’t even realize that a change has been made. However, we would still like to discuss the new Player Profiles, which are helping millions of players introduce the world to their inner gamers. And on top of the new profile look, DreamTeam’s profiles have a new feature that can help stop the growing level of toxicity in the gaming community.


The new Player Profiles are divided into four sections: Personality, Games, Achievements, and Activity. Let’s take a look at each one. 







The personality section showcases who you are as a gamer. It includes:


– Some basic info about yourself. 

– A quote—  Be sure to add something inspirational or funny. 😉

– Connect social platforms (Discord, Mixer, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube) — get more subscribers and views. 

– Toxicity control — Other gamers can rate and review you as a gamer. So, play nice!


User information and social platforms can be added or updated in the player settings:






The games section allows you to connect the games you play. DreamTeam currently supports Apex Legends, CS:GO, Fortnite, LoL, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Once you connect your game, you’ll be able to click on that game to view all of your stats and follow your progress. 





The achievement section shows off your Challenge Badges. CoD Challenges are coming soon. 





The activity section displays live and upcoming challenges, challenge results, and allows you to manage your cash rewards. Again, CoD Challenges launch soon. So get ready to win some cash!


Prime Profiles


Become a CoD Prime Member you’ll have your name and profile info displayed in gold! More Prime profile features coming soon! 




To see your stats, simply click on CoD in your player profile. CoD Stats on DreamTeam consist of two sections: “overall stats” and “last week stats,” which are both broken down into two categories: “gaming experience” and “gaming skills.”


Quick Glance Stats 



Your most important stats are shown at the top of your CoD page. The quick glance stats include your rank, level, and DT Rating. The DT rating is a unique feature only found on DreamTeam. It shows a player’s complete skill level. Many factors are taken into account in order to calculate the DT Rating including game experience, K/D, kills, many percentages, and much more. 


Gaming Experience 


stats on dreamteam


The gaming experience section of your stats page displays the following gaming experience info:

– Matches played

– Winrate

– Time played


Gaming Skills 



The gaming skills section of your stats page displays the following gaming skills info:

– K/D ratio

– Score per minute/match

– Total kills, deaths, assists

– And much more


The “last week results” displays all of the same stats but for the previous week. 



The most advanced LFG



So you’ve just come home and wanna play some CoD. And wouldn’t you know it, none of your friends are online. It’s been a long day, and you really don’t feel like playing with toxic randoms. We understand your pain. We gotcha. Visit the LFG and, boom, problem solved. 


The CoD LFG makes finding players even easier and faster. Here’s how:


Our LFG has to option to view posts based on when they were posted or by which players are currently online.  The option to see the online players first is important because players use LFG to find someone to play with at that moment. Players no longer need to scroll through posts to find the players who are currently online or wait until an offline player replies to a message. Players can connect and start playing sooner. And as an added bonus, we’ve also added a spam filter. Say goodbye to pointless posts forever. 




Quick Skill Understanding



Each post displays two pieces of information related to a player’s skill: the DreamTeam Rating and CoD level. The DreamTeam Rating uses a complex algorithm to calculate a player’s overall skill based on stats and play experience. If you’re looking for a player and have a DT Rating of 8.5, you can quickly understand that it is probably a waste of time to reply to a post of a player who has a DT Rating of 0.6. 


Filter System



You can quickly filter the LFG posts by “online on top,” platform, mic, game mode, and, most importantly, server region. We know that displaying players who play while you are sleeping doesn’t really help. 







You have the ability to share that you are looking for players across Facebook groups and Twitter. Hopefully, you shouldn’t need this as our LFG finds players pretty quickly. However, we would appreciate a share or two for some advertising. Wink. Wink.




As an added bonus, we display avatars. You’ve chosen your avatar for a reason. Why not attach it to your post? Done. Each post displays a little bit more about who the poster is. 


Prime LFG


Become a CoD Prime Member and you’ll be able to place your LFG post at the top of the list, remove post limitations, and have all of your info displayed in gold. 




Daily Challenges 


DreamTeam CoD Challenges are a way to compete and earn some cash by simply playing the game you love. There are two free 24-hour challenges and one Prime Challenge each day. Just join a challenge by clicking “JOIN.”




How it works



Just follow the “How it works” instructions. 


Live Challenge Leaderboards



Compete against other CoD players and watch your rise, or fall, live on the challenge leaderboards. 

Cash and Badges


Receive cash prizes and unique CoD badges for your profile. 







The DreamTeam CoD Leaderboards display who’s the best and, well, who’s not. Follow your rise to the top of each leaderboard in real-time. Or, watch your fall to the bottom. Either way, watch it live. DreamTeam CoD Leaderboards include:


– DreamTeam Ratings

– Average Win rate

– K/D Ratio

– And many more categories


The Leaderboards can be filtered by platform, period, and game mode. 



Be sure to go to, register, and connect CoD to your gaming profile today. See ya on the battlefield! 


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