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Nov 19

Killstreaks are earned by getting multiple kills without dying in a game, and upon death, progress towards earning Killstreaks is reset. This rewards skilled players with the opportunity to turn the tide of a battle if used wisely. ; While some Killstreaks are easier to...

Nov 19

So check this out,’s new Player Profiles are now helping millions of players introduce the world to their inner gamers. And on top of that, DreamTeam’s profiles have a new feature that can help stop the growing level of toxicity in the gaming community. Is ...

Nov 18

One of the things you need to do whenever you jump into a new Call of Duty game is familiarise yourself with the layout of all the Modern Warfare maps. As always, there’s a bunch of them. From larger maps designed for Ground War to the tiny Gunfight arenas used in...

Nov 18

The latest set of Call of Duty Modern Warfare patch notes rebalances some weapons and makes in-game footsteps more (or less) logically loud. Developer Infinity Ward has been working on getting the sound effects for movement just right, rewarding players who crouch down ...

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