Utility Tips From FACEIT Major London 2018: Smokes

As we’ve done some extra (sometimes even deadly) damages with HE grenades, flashbangs & mollies and  let’s find out which tips pros came up with to secure their positions and cut-off their opponent’s. We’re talking about smokes here.


You Can’t See Me


1. We’ll start with tabsen’s smoke for BIG @ de_nuke.

This smoke lands in the middle of main and cuts off the CT’s A site help from the outside. This ensures that the Ts, attacking from the door, can concentrate on the left side of the A plant and help those attacking from the hut. tabsen’s smoke is mainly useful in pistol rounds, as it can possibly be sprayed through in a gun round.



– stand in the corner between the wall and a pipe on the T roof;

– point your crosshair toward the sky just above the door;

– set the top line of your SG model a little bit below the second white line of the fan’s hood;

– release SG.


Note: You should NOT break the left glass in the window prior to the SG throw!


2. The next one is the one-way smoke by HR’s bondik @ de_dust2 A site.

Throwing this smoke allows an A site defender to see the Ts coming up the A ramp earlier than they can see him.



– stand in the corner between the wall on the left and the seed bags in the front;

– line up your crosshair with the top right corner of the front box;

– release SG with a right mouse button.


Note: As this ‘nade has become rather popular, Ts might prefire this CT’s position after seeing the smoke bloom.


3. Stanislaw from coL showed a pretty simple, but useful smoke as a T @ de_inferno.

It is used to secure CT close mid area, by cutting of the CT’s help from short, and be able to pick alley. Later on, CT mid becomes a fundamental position for the T’s B split or in different variations of an A site execution.



– stand in the top left corner of the underpass looking toward CT mid;

– set your crosshair on the white spot on the top right corner of the wall;

– strafe right to the bottom right corner of the underpass;

– release SG.


Blooming smoke

4. The entire A site smoke strat is executed by Renegades’ Nifty, AZR and jks @ de_inferno.

These three smokes make up a wall, cutting off any CT’s view from pit toward short, letting the Ts attack their opponents at the plant site itself and handle the CT(-s) in the pit later on. As for how Renegades deployed this tactic vs Tyloo, they used these smokes as part of a fake on A.


Execution by Player1:

– stand in the bottom right corner of underpass looking toward CT mid;

– set your crosshair on the top right corner of the window;

– execute a jumpthrow.

This smoke lands in front of the bike position in the pit.


Execution by Player2:

– press up, perpendicular to the right side of the chain-link fence, where alt middle connects with middle, and look toward the A site;

– set your crosshair right above the roof over the middle block between the two wooden beams;

– execute a jumpthrow.

This smoke lands between the first smoke and the wagon with hay.


Execution by Player3:

– press up, perpendicular to the ‘opened’ door in the apartments by setting your crosshair to the bottom left corner of the top right rectangle on the door;

– turn right and set your crosshair onto the spot, where the bottom right corner of the arch meets the light-brown wall;

– release SG.


This smoke lands right on the wagon with hay.


Whole wall of smokes view

5. One more way to smoke the bike position in the pit was shown by MIBR’s coldzera.



– walk out from the underpass and press up toward the corner of the left wall on mid, so your crosshair can be aligned with the wall;

– pull your crosshair up above right pipe until it’s level with the rooftop;

– release SG.


6. One more smoke @ de_inferno, this time a defensive one by Astralis’ magisk.

This smoke delays the T’s A site split from alley, temporarily protecting the pit player from being flanked and letting him focus on short and apartments. It is also useful for the Ts against the CT’s A site retake from alley and library — player in a pit remains totally safe, staying out of the firing line.



– stand in the furthest pit corner looking toward the library;

– set your crosshair onto the black spot on the wall (tip of the lantern);

– execute a jumpthrow.



Blooming smoke

7. Another T smoke @ de_inferno toward banana by Naf of Team Liquid.

This smoke, combined with a molly toward the barrels, denies the CT’s banana take at the beginning of the round, giving the Ts early control over this side of the map.


Execution by Player1 (smoke):

– press up toward the flower pot in the corner between the handrail and concrete wall on the exit from T spawn, looking toward banana;

– set your crosshair on the light and dark texture border on the wall right above the right window’s top right corner;

– execute a jumpthrow.


Execution by Player2 (molly):

– throw the molly while running from the banana start against the left barrel or right in front of the barrels.


Whole smoke+molly

8. Team Spirit’s Dima’s smoke @ de_overpass blocks possible AWP long control and allows the taking of this position early for the Ts.



– stand in the corner in front of the wall separating the WC entrance in the upper park looking toward long;

– set your crosshair on the fifth white stripe from the left on the umbrella;

– release SG.



9. The smoke Astralis’ glaive uses during the first seconds of the round as a CT @ de_overpass has two advantages.

Firstly, as it lands in front of Monster @ T’s side, it prevents a fast Monster/B split execution by the Ts. And, secondly, it allows the B site defender to keep his smoke for later timings in the round.



– stand in the corner between the wall to the left and the trash can in the front @ CT spawn looking toward T spawn;

– match your crosshair with the T-shaped part of the electric pole right above the white house’s roof;

– execute a jumpthrow.


10. Team Liquid’s Twistzz showed a T’s smoke toward the B site @ de_mirage. It is as useful as it is complicated..

This smoke blooms up between the two columns of the B plant area in front of kitchen window and blocks the CT’s view of a B palace rush execution. After using it several times as a part of a B execution strat, it may become a good element of a fake B strat.



– move toward the B site from T spawn and stand in the corner between the wall to the right and the piece of wall containing the gate on the front, looking toward the B site;

– set your crosshair in the middle of the reticulated lantern;

– start moving forward and execute a jumpthrow, when the crosshair crosses the black, wooden beam.

Blooming smoke

11. One more smoke @ de_mirage, this time toward the A site by autimatic of Cloud9.

This smoke cuts off the T ramp and tetris view from the CT’s ticketbox and palm, and also disables the A site defender from playing @ T ramp aggressively. This gives the Ts a bit more space for rotations and for setting their attack positions.



– move toward T ramp from T spawn and press up at the two wooden planks leaning against the wall, looking toward the A site;

– crouch and pull your crosshair up to the top of the right wooden beam touching it with your crosshair’s left dash;

– release SG.

Blooming smoke

12. Here’s Vega Squadron jR’s smoke toward the A site @ de_mirage.

It might be the fastest smoke, thrown right from T spawn, cutting off the CT’s view of an A site execution from jungle and connector.



– stand in the bottom left corner of T spawn, while looking toward the A site;

– pull your crosshair up above the right window and put the bottom part of the wooden beam between your crosshair’s top and left dashes;

– execute a jumpthrow.


Note: After the smoke blooms, a clear space between its edge and the CT’s palm wall remains, which leaves the outer side of the A site unprotected from potential CT spray and any push from the jungle. Deny those possible CT actions by planting the bomb inside the A site and by throwing a molly or another smoke toward the open space position.

13. And one more: Team Liquid- nitro’s and TACO’s smokes toward the A site @ de_cache.

These two smokes create a wall between the truck position and the A sitecutting off the CT sniper’s view of A main.


Execution by Player1:

– move from T spawn toward boost;

– press up toward the garage corner, so your crosshair can be aligned with the wall on your left;

– match the top right corner of the SG model with the top right corner of the dark blue window cascade;

– execute a jumpthrow.


Execution by Player2:

– move from T spawn toward long A;

– jump onto the pipes in the corner near the doorway, looking toward the A site;

– move your crosshair up to the level of the right antenna’s highest point, but just a bit to the right, where antenna’s parts cross;

– release SG.


Execute SG releases simultaneously.


Smokes and HE grenades are done, flashbangs and mollies left. Stay tuned for more useful tips to improve your game or check out our “Throw Like a Pro” articles dedicated to some new strats from FACEIT Major London 2018.


Credit: Petr1k’s ‘Nade Video On YouTube


Good Luck and Have Fun!

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