Utility Tips From FACEIT Major London 2018: Flashbangs and Mollies

We’ve already told you how the top teams in the world approach HE grenades and smokes usage, but we can’t let you go without delivering some flashbang and molly tips, plus a bit of a bonus at the end. So, here we go.


White Screen: Enabled

1. The first ‘nade is a flashbang by Astralis’ glaive as a T @ de_nuke.

This might be the best flash for a fast A site execution, as it flashes every CT, who is taking up a position on the A site from heaven.

For the round to be successful, several conditions must be met.


  • Firstly, this flash is thrown by a T, who gets the first (closest) respawn position.
  • Secondly, this T has to break out the right part of the left window on the A site’s roof.
– move forward and climb up the ladder, instantly setting your crosshair’s top dash to touch the left end of the horizontal line on the pipe, and pressing LMB;
– move forward and release LMB instantly after coming into contact with the vent box.

The flashbang explodes right before your teammates go out of the hut.

2. The second flashbang was thrown by v4lde from North as a CT @ de_inferno, and is an example of pretty good teamplay.

His team was in a 3v4 situation with one CT (aizy) on the B site, being attacked by four Ts from CT spawn and ruins. Being unable to help his teammate with firepower, v4lde successfully delayed the T’s push with a flashbang, thrown from banana over the roof.

Aizy used this FB to his advantage getting a 2-for-1 exchange. The 2v2 clutch later in the round went smoothly for North.

3. The next flashbang which was thrown by Vega Squadron’s tonyblack in the vent @ de_cache will protect you from being pushed from the middle.


  • Stand in the vent, looking toward vent room;
  • vertically align the second horizontal metal beam with the first one;
  • set your crosshair perpendicular to the second metal beam’s bottom line;
  • release FB.

Incendiary Out

4. This molly, thrown by Dosia from Gambit Esports as a T @ de_nuke, as with glaive’s flash, is used for a fast A site execution.

You must have the first respawn position as well, but should break the right part of the right window at the beginning of the round.

As the molly lands onto the hut, it prevents the CTs from easily taking up a position on the hut, and helps the Ts who are rushing squeaky.


  • Move forward and climb up the ladder;
  • stand on the roof’s ledge, setting your crosshair onto the bottom line of the corrugated surface on the wall in the front, one rib to the left of the ledge;
  • take a run-up and execute a jumpthrow right before crossing the other ladder in the front.

5) The next one is a CT molly @ de_dust2 by BIG’s tabseN.

He used this molly for a B site retake. If thrown correctly, it flares up the area under the B window.


  • Press up toward the corner between with your back to the B site wall and the stacks of hay to your left; face the nearest wooden construction, setting your crosshair in the middle between the two wooden beams with the crosshair’s bottom dash touching the shadow;
  • execute a jumpthrow.

And, now, though we’ve run out of utility, we promised to give you more. Take a look at some boosts, shown at the event.

Boost #1

As a retake from the B window position @ de_dust2 is very common, Faze’s NiKo and karrigan decided to surprise their opponents with a boost a bit aside from the window.

As you can see, it was effective.

Boost #1

Boost #2

If you’re tired of being pushed from the long hall position as a T @ de_dust2and need to somehow handle the CT’s aggression, here’s a solution shown by MIBR’s Fallen and tarik.

In a match vs NaVi, they executed a boost on the car in front of the long hall’s door.

Boost #2

A CT, who tries to push the long hall, simply doesn’t expect to see a T in tarik’s position.

Boost #2

Boost #3

If you don’t have an SG to cut off the CT sniper’s sight on long @ de_overpass, you can counter him with your own sniper, by boosting him at the WC entrance area on long, as DavCost and sdy from Team Spiritshowed in their match vs Tyloo.

Boost #3
Boost #3

Our series of articles, dedicated to utility usage tips at the FACEIT Major London 2018, comes to an end. But we’re sure, there are still many more tricks left to be revealed like in our “ESL One: New York 2018 and BLAST Pro Series: Istanbul Tips and Tricks” article.

We’re looking forward to discovering more of them and sharing them with you. So keep following dreamteam.gg for more CS:GO tips and hints.


Good Luck and Have Fun!

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