Utility Tips At FACEIT Major London 2018: HE Grenades

Counter Strike has always been not just about shooting, but tactics as well. And, an essential part of any team’s tactics is utility usage. A well-aimed and well-time grenade or molly can significantly increase the likelihood of winning the round.


In this series of articles, we will analyze grenade tips from the top CS:GO teams in the world, as shown at FACEIT Major London 2018. The first one is all about HE grenades.


We’ve got to give a huge thanks to Oleksandr “petr1k” Petryk for taking the time to find all of these nades and strats! petr1k is a an esports analyst and interviewer at Starladder.com.


It’s All About Damage


1. Let’s start with the HE thrown by tabsen from BiG @de_overpass.

If you have information that your opponents often start their map control by taking playground on early timings, this grenade is going to give your team the HP advantage from the very beginning of the round. Stacking HEs with a teammate can lead to an even bigger advantage in the form of early kill.



– stand in the corner of the bottom park, line up your crosshair with wall’s corner and second stair;
– take a short run-up and execute a jumpthrow.



2. The next HE setup was executed by BiG’s smooya and tizian as CTs @de_inferno B site.

The lack of firepower and nades for taking control over banana in the beginning/middle of the round can be compensated for by doing damage from distance with nades. The setup may be used at the beginning of the round, if the Ts prefer taking banana early, and also in the middle/late stage of a round having the exact information about the T’s position.


Execution by Player1:

– stand in the middle of the top of the first box, line up your crosshair with the vertical roof line tossing it over the roof with a length of the line.



Execution by Player2:

– stand in the middle of the top of the second box, line up your crosshair with roof’s thick black horizontal line and the second vertical line to the left of the wooden beam.



Execute jumpthrows simultaneously.



3. Golden and autimatic from Cloud9 have shown those nades also work viсe versa, using them as Ts from banana towards 1st and 2nd boxes on the B site and taking down Ex6TenZ.


Execution by Player1:

– stand in the corner between the wall on the left and barrels in the front, aim your crosshair right below the roof, under the second rectangle to the right of the wooden beam.



Execution by Player2:

– stand against the barrel on the left and wooden desk in the front; put your crosshair right above the roof between first and second ‘waves’ to the right of wooden beam.



Execute jumpthrows simultaneously


4. The next HE by gade from Optic Gaming prevents the Ts from taking balcony easily @de_inferno, which is rather common. The setup may be synchronized with CT’s boiler and apartments push at the beginning of the round — the unexpected additional HE damage would create an easier opportunity for a pick.



– jump onto the barrels on short, set your crosshair over the middle ‘wave’ with the bottom dash of your crosshair aligned with the overhanging part of the roof on the left;

– take a short run-up and execute a jumpthrow.



5. Another de_inferno hint worth mentioning is Astralis’ glaive and magisk smoke+HE combo on CTmid vs Team Liquid.

No crosshair alignments this time, just macro adjustments.

This piece of strat is executed at the beginning of the round. First goes the smoke, which blooms in the underpass, blocking the T’s view of the middle, and is followed by two HEs thrown onto the T’s ramp.


Main idea: smoke holds the Ts in a static position @T ramp, as they’re unable to walk into the smoke and take mid, and HE nades do the job.

Note: Be careful and consider possible spray from the Ts through the smoke.



6. Same matchup, same map, another location.

If you know that a CT (magisk in this example) often takes up the bike position in the pit @A site, and your molly can be countered by his smoke, try bombarding this position with three HEs — It should work well, as it did for Team Liquid.



7. Next we turn to Edward’s HE grenade in Na’Vi vs Astralis @de_nuke from A site construction toward the T’s silo (former rock).

If the HE connects, it does enough damage to make the T on the rock vulnerable to a single body shot from the scout, even if wearing armor. The following crosshair positioning would also work well for a molly, as it would delay the T’s fast outside/silo take and help the CTs play more aggressively @outside/T red.



– break the right window;

– crouch in the corner of construction and set your crosshair so that the left dash touches the lamp and the bottom dash touches the bottom window line. MLB release = easy, risk-free damage.


molly & HE

8. Last but not least — Astralis’ smoke+HEs combo @de_mirage’s topmid.

As the Danes have shown us time and again, their HE usage on eco and forcebuy rounds can be deadly for their opponents. And that’s how things went vs Faze.

A smoke was thrown on short by dupreeh to cover the CT’s stack from this position and was followed by an HE targeting the T’s position behind the boxes.

One more brilliant macro adjustment by glaive and co.



So that’s it for HE grenades, but we’ve still got smokes, flashbangs and mollies in store for you. Stay tuned for more grenade tips.


Credit: Petr1k’s ‘Nade Video On YouTube


Good Luck and Have Fun!

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