Updates On the Platform

Update by Update. New feature by new feature. DreamTeam is continuing to evolve and is the go-to place for teambuilding and skill growing. So what’s new? Today, we are going to cover three cool new additions to the platform.


Staffing Update

Both CS:GO and LoL Players and Teams now have Direct Applications and Direct Offers, just like Premium accounts. However, non-premium accounts are limited to five Direct Applications and ten Direct Offers per month.


Direct Applications allow Players to apply to a Team without applying to a vacancy. If you see an interesting Team that doesn’t currently have an open vacancy, simply send a Direct Application to get the Team’s attention. Think of it as a way to help promote yourself.


Direct Offers allow Teams to invite a Player to their Team without relying on the Player to find and apply to the Team’s vacancy. If you see an interesting Player, simply send a Direct Offer to get the Player’s attention. Yes, that is basically the same sentence because it’s basically the same concept.



For those who don’t know, FACEIT is an online tournament platform with over 6 million users. With DreamTeam being the ultimate teambuilding and skill-growing platform, DreamTeam and FACEIT are a perfect match. No, we didn’t meet on Tinder. Although we do have an account. Swipe right, please.


DreamTeam now allows its CS:GO users to link their FACEIT accounts. What does that mean and why is it important? First, some registration fields will be automatically filled in, saving you time. Connecting your FACEIT account will display your FACEIT skill level, elo level, and if your FACEIT skill level approximately matches your DreamTeam skill level, your Player Profile will receive “verified” status. Connecting your FACEIT account also makes it easier to be found by other Players and Teams. If you’ve already set up your account, you can still connect FACEIT through your Player settings.



Practice Games 2.0 is, well, practice made perfect. DreamTeam now has its own dedicated servers that CS:GO players can use for free. Simply Create or Join a Practice Game to practice CS:GO without leaving the platform. DreamTeam has also added 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 formats. More fun for fewer people. Nah, that doesn’t sound good. More fun for everyone. Yep. That’s better.  


Log on to DreamTeam.gg and check out the newest additions to the ultimate teambuilding and skill-growing family. GL HF!

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