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UPDATED: Morgana

With Patch 9.5, Riot Games has finally overhauled one of its original champions—Morgana. The gameplay was mostly kept intact, but I still think she deserves some insightful spotlight.


The devs only tweaked abilities, rather than replace them. Morgana’s ultimate is now a bit easier to use, as the champion gains extra movement speed for the whole duration. Sticking to your opponents to secure a stun is now easier. The effect is more noticeable with levels, as the boost equals 5/30/55%.


Tormented Shadow now features slightly increased max damage and AP ratio. The biggest buff is to missing health damage: it went up from 0–50% to 0–170%. If the target has only 40% HP left, Morgana’s W hurts twice as much.


The only downside is a small hit to Morgana’s movement speed. It was reduced from 335 to 330. However, the champion mostly needs MS for the ultimate, so the new bonus softens the blow a lot.


Visuals impact the gameplay, too. The Dark Binding projectile looks narrower now, which is probably intended to get rid of wonky hits that should’ve missed. The change is aligned with the updated code of the ability, as a projectile no longer connects when it barely touches an opponent. For a main before 9.5, it may take some time to adjust.

Q is still prone to weird situations

New changes benefit Morgana in the middle lane. The champion had a win rate of 50% on the last day of 9.4, and now she is hovering around 54.5%. Morgana jumped from the top 50 to top 5, and there are apparently no hotfixes planned to shackle her.


The update has hardly affected matchups. Morgana still defeats most mages (Ryze’s win rate is barely 40%) and all assassins, both AP and AD. She only struggles against champions that have a greater ability range and enough spam to negate the shield—Vel’Koz, Anivia. Still, it’s possible to play it safe, farm with W, and wreak havoc in team fights.


Items: Luden’s Echo->Zhonya’s Hourglass>Morellonomicon


Abilities: W>Q>E for farm, Q>W>E for kills


Runes: Arcane Comet->Manaflow Band>Transcendence->Scorch; Perfect Timing->Cosmic Insight

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