Taric League of Legends Guide

Unusual Pick: Mid Taric

The most successful Mid champion in Patch 9.4 is… Taric. That’s enough for the intro paragraph.


Taric is headlining Patch 9.4 in the mid lane by a huge margin. He wins 61.8% of the time in Platinum+ while the nearest champion, Taliyah, boasts a win rate of 54.9%. Moreover, he is banned in less than 0.5% of games, so you can pretty much pick him whenever you want to.


The champion outright negates every lane opponent. AD mid laners struggle to deal any significant damage thanks to passive armor from his W. As for AP characters, they still have a hard time with all-ins, while Taric’s shield and heal counter poke.


Perhaps the most offensive thing about Taric in the mid lane is that only one champion has a 50%+ win rate against him. It’s Lux, who can always keep a healthy distance and make an impact later without getting fed by his lane opponent.


Lux League of Legends Champion

Her trickery works after all


Taric Mid shines by enabling others. First of all, we’re living in the glorious era of crit ADCs. If you keep your pew-pew teammate safe, your enemies are in for a big oof-oof. Then, a tank in the middle lane opens up a damage pick in the top lane. Currently, there are several AD and AP carries comfortable with the current meta, including Zed and Anivia. AP-heavy supports become an option, too.


A reasonable Taric can also make up for significant gold deficits. What’s the benefit of shredding through the enemy’s armor with insane builds when Taric’s ult makes everyone completely immune? There’s also his heal that stalls poke compositions well.


Itemization is similar to what you’d get as a Support. However, gold items are a poor choice now that you need a teammate within close proximity. Stick to Ionian boots for CDR unless you’re struggling against AD carries.


Items: Zeke’s Convergence->Knight’s Vow->Ardent Censer


Abilities: E>Q>W


Runes: Aftershock->Demolish>Bone Plating->Revitalize; Presence of Mind->Legend: Alacrity

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