Unusual Pick: Mid Kled

Kled was released as a Top champion and has remained one for more than two years. However, in Season 9 he became a viable mid laner, boasting a ~51.5% in Korean SoloQ. Let’s look at how he works.



Mid Kled is largely similar to Top Kled. You still go Q>W>E, you still build The Black Cleaver and Titanic Hydra into Sterak’s Gage/Guardian Angel. Even boots choice is the same with Mercury’s Treads outperforming everything else.


Some things do differ. First things first, Ignite is a much better option than Teleport. As the mid laner, you’re normally close enough to both lanes and the pits, so it’s better to go for extra damage. The second major difference follows the same idea. Champions from the middle lane kill more frequently than peel, so Precision+Domination runes are better than Precision+Resolve.


Kled is doing particularly well against in-your-face bursters. Ryze, Anivia, Akali, Cassiopeia—all of them struggle to get and stay close for a lethal combo while facing Kled. However, swift one-shotters like Ahri, LeBlanc, Lissandra have an easy time dancing around Kled. In team fights, you’ll most likely have to target other squishes rather than try to deal with your lane counterpart.


There are two extreme outliers (~10% difference in win rate). Kled absolutely dumpsters the new champion, Sylas, and gets absolutely dumpstered by Aurelion Sol. While it’s hard to comment on Sylas (he doesn’t even have a defined role yet), ASol simply beats Kled at his own game of dashes and CC.


Patch 9.3 sets Kled up for even greater success as a situational Mid pick. Both Akali and Cassiopeia were nerfed once again. Just like after 9.2, the changes are unlikely to make everyone drop these champions. However, Kled remained untouched—so you’re going to have a field day with him against the ninja and the snake.

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