My Thoughts On In-Game Roles In CS:GO

Usually, “experts”, analysts, and commentators distinguish between these in-game roles – support, lurker, entry fragger, and sniper. But, none of these is a true representation of the “in-game role” concept. BTW, all of these in-game roles are always hybrids. For example, the T lurker at the B site on Mirage at certain points becomes the B-site entry fragger when the team decides to rotate toward B. So, he turns into a lurker and an entry fragger simultaneously. A support becomes a lurker or an entry fragger too, as he used all his utility to secure a particular area, and the entry fragger will have to throw his grenades during the site execution, entering the site second or third.


I came up with role names which, in my opinion, explain the in-game roles more correctly. I used football analogs, so they are easier to understand.




This player is usually focused on individual play, acting on his own.




When his team applies a site execution, he becomes the entry fragger.

When his team applies the opposite site execution, he becomes a faker and a lurker.




He is the main player [rotates last] at the site. He often acts on his own, or is the first man to act if coordinating with teammates.


Examples: Magisk, electronic, ropz, rain, Twistzz




This player is the coordinator of the team’s movement and coordination and often plays cooperatively with other players. He is the one who initiates a site execution or creates space for other players on the team. He is often the secondary AWPer on the team.




He plays in cooperation with other players and initiates the team’s rotations and site executions. Can become a lurker or a faker if acting on his own.




He acts second after the entry fragger, provides utility support, is concentrated on collecting information and creates space for other players on the team.


Examples: gla1ve, NiKo, coldzera, EliGe, f0rest


Hybrid (HB)


The hybrid player combines both of the previously mentioned roles. A player who is both the captain and sniper on the team is the perfect example of a hybrid player.


Examples: dupreeh, s1mple, chrisJ, FalleN


Every team uses this approach in their individual way. Let’s take a look at some of the teams.


– FaZe Clan with karrigan in the captain’s seat;


NiKo and Olofmeister were the playmakers, Guardian was a hybrid. Rain and karrigan were forwards (karrigan, being the captain, liked faking or entry fragging).


– Astralis with their current roster;


The team’s style is more of a hybrid, but it’s possible to highlight Magisk and Xyp9x as forwards, gla1ve as a playmaker, device and dupreeh as hybrids.


– Mousesports;


ChrisJ here is a captain and a playmaker. Two forwards ropz и STYKO. I’d call suNny a hybrid rather than a playmaker. As for Oskar, he’s definitely a hybrid, just like the majority of snipers.


– Natus Vincere;


It’s a bit more complicated, as many roles are hybrid, but let’s try to distinguish them. Electronic and Edward often act on their own, and therefore seem to be forwards. Flamie and Zeus usually initiate team cooperation [rotations and site executions] and are the playmakers. S1mple is a jack-of-all-trades and is definitely a hybrid. He easily takes on the responsibilities as the main player at the site with an AWP, creates space for other players on the team, or supports the execution via nade throwing being the second player to enter the site, a playmaker.

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