Tricks From Pros: Fake Flash

In the Turkish Champions League finals, Thomas “Kirei” Yuen reminded us of a simple, yet, effective move with Flash. He pretended to jump in one direction while sticking to the other and survived a gank.


The trick is based on a lack of vision. For example, when you’re pretending to jump over terrain while actually flashing into a bush, the enemies shouldn’t have a ward there. Otherwise, you will get spotted.



They need to have a Flash, too. If the foe you’re trying to bait has the spell on cooldown, they’ll try to chase you on foot. Your bush is likely to be on the way, so you’re going to both waste your Flash and still die.


In the SoloQ environment, you probably won’t know whether the enemy Jungler has a Flash. If your death is otherwise inevitable, it’s still worth it to assume they can jump and try to pull off the trick.


Think twice while trying to trick multiple people. Some have been burned by this trick more than once, so they will check the bush as well. This is unlikely in low Elo: enemies are more likely to Flash through terrain together.

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