Top 5 Retake Smokes On Cache: B Site

You already know how to block A main with smokes during an A-site retake on CacheSo let’s switch to the B site and find out how and where you need to throw your smokes to execute a successful B-site retake.


Here are the top 5 B-site retake smokes on Cache.

1. We’re starting with a simple smoke from CT toward B main.


Usually, during the B-site execution, the Ts cut off the CT position with a smoke screen, extending it over time. And you can use that to your advantage.

– Stand in the corner of the CT position, looking toward B main;
– Set your crosshair like this:
     – Find the furthest horizontal iron beam on the upper side of the arch/entrance, divided into rectangles; place your crosshair in the middle of the second one from the left;
     – Movel your crosshair down to the level of the fourth horizontal crack from the top of the arch on the right side of the wall;
     – Release the smoke.



2. In case you’re retaking the B site from heaven and decide to smoke B main, here’s what you can do:

– Crouch and move toward heaven’s corner (where the paint can is) and look toward B main;

Tip 1: if you’re crouched, you can’t be spotted from B main;

Tip 2: having secured the position, you’ll be able to see the upper part of the B-main arch;
– Set your crosshair onto the third horizontal line from the edge of the platform in the middle of the upper part of the B main arch;

– Release the smoke.



3. In the case that the Ts’ smoke is cutting off your vision from heaven, you can throw a smoke from the same position, but you’ll need to set your crosshair up in a different way:
– Crouch and find the black dot in the crack to the right of the door;
– Align the top right corner of your smoke grenade with the dot;
– Release the smoke.



We’re done with B main and now need to figure out what to do if we have an enemy at checkers.


4. To land a smoke at the checkers arch, move toward heaven and set your crosshair up like this:
– Move up the heaven slope, pressed up against the wall to the right until you’re aligned with the vertical iron beam to the left, and look toward the B-site windows;
– Set your crosshair slightly under the dark spot on the ceiling right below the tilted part of the vent;
– Release the smoke.



Here’s another way to set your crosshair up for the same smoke:
– Come up the heaven slope, pressed up against the wall to the right, and align the left side of heaven’s arch with the right side of the column in front (the one which leans against the windows);
– Find the horizontal line on the tilted vent, move a quarter of it from the left, and move your crosshair down until you reach the bottom of the vent;
– Release the smoke.



As we mentioned earlier, the smokes are identical so just choose the easier crosshair setup for you.


5. The last smoke is easy, fast, and effective. This one will block vision from the CT position for both checkers and B main. And the throw is more about the feeling than any crosshair setups or alignment.


This is how the throw looks with and without a smoke in the CT position.



This one is very useful when you’ve rotated from mid or A site quickly, and you still have a teammate at the B site. Instead of blindly risking and pushing through your enemies’ smoke, choose a more calculated risk. Throw your own smoke, cut off several positions, enter the site, and effectively and wisely support your teammate.


Having these tips in your arsenal makes the difficult situations clear and easy. That’s what preparation is all about. Visit to get access to more useful and up-to-date content about CS:GO which makes your preparation process structured, easier, and more fun. Preparation is the first step on your way to success.


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