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Top 5 Comebacks In CS:GO History

Everyone loves underdog stories. What could be more satisfying than a David beating a Goliath?


In this article, we’ve put together the top 5 most unbelievable comebacks in modern CS history. Some of them are recent, and some have been long forgotten. But it doesn’t make them less spectacular. Jump in and enjoy!


CLG vs Renegades (ELEAGUE Major 2017 Main Qualifier)


The first comeback on the list is Counter Logic Gaming in the ELEAGUE Major 2017 Main Qualifier vs. Renegades on Dust2. They started on the T side but were able to only get five rounds.


Things got worse when jks managed to pull off a 1v3 to win the second pistol for Renegades, and CLG’s victory seemed almost impossible as the Australians stretched their lead to 15:5.


On map point, jks found himself in a 1v2 vs. koosta and subroza with the bomb already planted at the B site. He managed to get it to a 1v1, putting the AWPer in a hugely disadvantageous position. But, he slightly miscalculated the defuse timer, opened up for a frag a second earlier than he should have, and lost the fight to koosta, letting him defuse the bomb just in time. Winning this round marked the start of the comeback for CLG. Eventually, they finished it in the first OT with a 19:16 score.



FaZe vs Astralis (IEM Sydney 2018 Grand Final, map 3)


When this comeback happened, FaZe, with Xizt on board, had a 2:0 map lead in the IEM Sydney 2018 Grand Final bo5 series, but were far from finishing it off due to struggling on the T side on Train – they were down ten rounds to zero at one point.


It all started with a timeout for FaZe, after which GuardiaN managed to pull off a 1v3 in a post-plant situation on the A site. Later on, karrigan won a 1v2 in a similar situation on the B site, which eventually led to a manageable 4:11 score for the first half.


In the second half, every member of FaZe Clan chipped in to help the team. GuardiaN and Xizt denied all of Astralis’ attempts at executing onto the B site, while rain, karrigan, and NiKo traded effectively on A.


Xizt, who was a stand-in for olofmeister in Sydney, was the one to finish off the last two members of Astralis in the final round, to win Train (16:14) and, consequently, the whole tournament.



Team Liquid vs Luminosity Gaming (MLG Columbus 2016 Semi Final)


Possibly the greatest series choke in CS:GO history happened to Team Liquid. During a bo3. In a Major semi-final.


The s1mple-led TL were up against Luminosity Gaming. Luminosity chose Mirage, while Team Liquid picked Cache.


After an even first half on Mirage, which ended with an 8:7 score in Luminosity’s favor, Liquid cruised past the Brazilians to get to map point at 15:9. At that point, Hiko and co. decided to execute slowly onto B. And that’s where coldzera was waiting for them. His awesome 4k with the AWP, including a flying double kill, marked the start of the comeback for Luminosity. They didn’t let TL win a single round on Mirage after, and closed out the map in overtime, 19:15.



Cache started perfectly for TL. At 4:0 on the CT side, Hiko pulled off a 1v4 in a post-plant situation.



By the middle of the second half, everything was going swimmingly for the NA team, as they reached map point at 15:6. It was hard to believe, but leveling the series at 1:1 was never meant to happen. It seemed like the TL players simply forgot how to hit their shots. Over the next 14 rounds, they took only one and, consequently, fell to Luminosity, 16:19. Liquid really did snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.



Team Liquid vs FaZe Clan (StarSeries & i-League Season 4, 3rd Place Decider)


Another choke for TL happened in the 3rd place decider at StarSeries & i-League Season 4 vs. FaZe Clan. nitr0 and co., having easily won Nuke 16:3, were leading 12:0 on the CT side on Inferno. But, even that wasn’t enough to close out the game.


Firstly, FaZe, who were buoyed by rain’s ace, won the last three rounds of the first half. Then, they managed to turn things around, jumping out to a 15:13 lead but were forced into overtime.


It took them four OTs to outlast Team Liquid, 28:26, and even the score in the match. Their joy was short-lived as they lost the third map, Mirage, 16:3. Unlike MLG Columbus, this time Team Liquid’s choke didn’t cost them everything.



ENCE vs BIG (IEM Katowice 2019 New Legends Stage, Elimination match)


The winner of ENCE vs. BIG match in the IEM Katowice 2019 New Legends stage would draw the long straw and have another chance to stay in the Katowice Major, at least for one more round. The loser would be eliminated from the tournament with an 0-3 record.


ENCE were already down one map and were losing 0:7 on the T side on Train. Somehow they managed to even things up, making it 7:8 in BIG’s favor. On the CT side, they were still behind 10:14. But in the most important moment, allu’s squad managed to pull themselves together and get a 16:14 victory.



It might appear to be a normal comeback, unworthy of our list. But, the impact of this particular comeback was huge, as ENCE managed to reach the IEM Katowice Major 2019 Grand Finals.


When we play, we aim for victory. In competition, that’s the only thing that matters. CS:GO offers teams the chance to create their own comeback stories that could, one day, be written into the fabric of this great game.


With, you’ll learn how to win more often, even when your back is against the wall.


It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.



Improve. Have fun. Later.

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