Top 5 Comebacks In CS GO History Part 2

Top 5 Comebacks In CS:GO History. Part 2.

Sometimes, five is simply not enough. The list of the greatest comebacks in CS:GO is one of those cases. 


With the release of our “Top 5 comebacks in CS:GO history” article, we realized that there were still so many incredible comeback stories that were left unmentioned. 


So, we’re fixing that now.


Here’s the “Top 5 Comebacks in CS:GO history. Part 2”. Enjoy!


Quantum Bellator Fire vs. Mousesports (ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018 New Legends Stage, Train)


Want to successfully comeback in a match? Train is the perfect map for that. That was been proven once again in Round 4 of the New Legends Stage at ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2019


In the match, two teams with 2:1 records, Quantum Bellator Fire and Mousesports, were pitted against each other to determine who would proceed to the New Champions Stage.


Mouz started on the CT side. Their confidence and QBFire’s tightness allowed Mouz to dominate the first half. Oskar’s frag in the 15th round was devastating. 


Train is a CT-sided map, so keeping the score relatively close on the T-side. But it wasn’t just the number of rounds won by QBF, but their approach in the first half, which wasn’t inspiring at all. However, the CIS squad managed to recover. 


From the second pistol, they started grinding their way to victory. To get there, they didn’t even need OT.


Due to Boombl4’s rifle and Kvik’s AWP skills, QBF won 14 out of 15 rounds to win the match 16:14


That outcome was the most unexpected of the tournament. It not only earned QBFire New Champion status but also forced Vince to eat his boot 🙂




ENCE vs Team Liquid (IEM Katowice 2019 Quarterfinal, Inferno)


After ENCE’s miraculous run in the New Legends Stage of the IEM Katowice Major (we highlighted part of it in the first part of the “Top 5 Comebacks In CS:GO History”), waiting for another miracle to happen was simply being greedy, but another happened anyway on the second map of their quarterfinal match vs. Team Liquid.


Recovering from a 5:10 deficit seemed manageable, especially after winning a pistol round. However, things started looking grim for the Finns quickly. In the 23rd round, they couldn’t stop Twistzz getting the game to map point for Liquid at a comfortable 15:8 scoreline.


It was the perfect moment for a miracle. Here’s how it happened.




Renegades vs Astralis (IEM Katowice 2019 New Legends Stage)


In one of his post-match interviews in Katowice, gla1ve mentioned that Mirage was the only map Astralis could lose after getting a huge lead. He was speaking about the 1st map of the bo3 match vs Renegades in Round 3 of the New Legends Stage.


Renegades somehow managed to convert winning both pistols into only 6 rounds, while Astralis were on 14. That’s a legit “huge lead”, right? But it wasn’t good enough to finish things off for the Danes.


At that point, RNG started to execute their CT setups (which looked notthing like rng), retakes, and clutches perfectly. That led to… Well, just watch 🙂



Cloud9 vs FaZe Clan (ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018 Grand Final, Inferno)


How could we miss this one in the first part?


ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018. The Grand Final. The decider map. Cloud9 and FaZe.


The round difference might not have been that big (14:9), but in terms of the tension, outstanding plays, and what was at stake – the Major – this comeback from C9 was one of the most dramatic ones ever.


Tarik’s M4A4, Skadoodle’s AWP, and C9’s decision to put the second AWPer, Stewie2k, at the B site in the final four rounds of the second half won the game for the NA team. There were mistakes and chokes, but they made that Grand Final even more spectacular. 


Just watch the highlights and relive the epic story.



Fnatic vs Luminosity (IEM Katowice 2016 Grand Finals, Overpass and Inferno)


Four weeks before the famous double comeback vs. Team Liquid at MLG Columbus 2016, Luminosity Gaming were in TL’s shoes themselves.


This happened in the IEM Katowice 2016 Grand Final vs. Fnatic.


Overpass, Luminosity’s first pick, started with a 12:3 lead for the Brazilians. Fnx made it 13:3 by winning a 1v2 clutch in the second pistol round. But fnatic’s CZ force buy in the following round shook FalleN’s squad’s confidence, which eventually led to a 14:15 scoreline in fnatic’s favor. Luminosity managed to push it to OT, but olofmeister’s AWP double in a 1v2 clutch put all their hopes to bed.


Inferno was a repeat of Overpass: it was Luminosity’s pick, the starting sides were the same, fnatic lost the 1st half 3:12. Again, fnatic brought the game back to 14:15, the Brazilians made it to OT but lost the map, and, this time, the whole match. 


The match wasn’t bursting with highlights as each player on fnatic was just doing his job. Their great teamwork resulted in a flawless 3:0 victory in the Grand Final.



Now that we’ve extended the list a bit, it looks much better. The same as your CS:GO results will be after you get familiar with the educational section on our blog.


That’s it for now. That was DreamTeam’s “Top 5 Comebacks In CS:GO History. Part 2”. If you missed Part 1, check it out here. Otherwise, stay tuned to for more interesting, up-to-date content. Later.

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