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Top 10 DO OR DIE Clutches In CS:GO History

Nitr0’s insane 1v3 clutch vs. Na’Vi in the ESL One: Cologne 2019 group stage turned the whole match on its head. Imagine (or just rewatch the stream 🙂 ) what it’s like to be down 11:15, then win a clutch, and, eventually, the whole match. It was one of the most impressive moments of the whole tournament. And it made us think back on some of the most amazing match-saving clutches in CS:GO history.


Here is DreamTeam’s Top 10. Let’s go!


#10 Mouz Oskar vs. Cloud9 @ StarLadder & i-League StarSeries Season 4 Round 5


The loser of this match would have been knocked out of the tournament. Cloud9 were one round away from leveling things up at 1:1 on the second map, Train, and were leading 15:11. But then oskar happened. By winning this 1v3 clutch, oskar jumpstarted Mouz’ comeback. They secured a 19:16 victory and proceeded to the playoffs.




#9 Mousesports ChrisJ vs. Lounge Gaming @ ASUS Predator Masters powered by Intel Season 2


During this bo2 match, mouz were playing poorly, down 16:18 on the first map, Mirage. Things got even worse as their leader, ChrisJ, found himself in a 1v4. But then this happened.



Eventually, Mouz won Mirage and the second map, Cache, as well.



#8 Cloud9 Rush vs ORDER @ IEM Sydney 2018 Group A lower bracket Round 2


The action happened when Cloud9 were down 13:15 on the decider map, Inferno. The situation seemed dire, as RUSH was left in a 1v4. There was nothing to do, so he grabbed an AWP and pulled off an insane clutch. The game went to OT, where Cloud9 finished ORDER off 22:19.




#7 Optic mixwell vs. Team Liquid @ ECS Season 1, North America League


It was a bo2 between Optic and TL. Optic had already won the first map but were 1 round away from losing the second. It was 13:15 and a 4v1 advantage for Liquid. However, mixwell decided it was too early to write “gg” in the chat, and won his team a crucial round in impressive fashion. And yeah, Optic eventually won the map in OT, 19:16.




#6 Tempo Storm HEN1 vs. Optic Gaming @ DH Masters Malmo 2016 North American Qualifier


This was such a nailbiting clutch from one of the best AWPers, HEN1. He had only one second to take the game into overtime for his team, but he pulled it off. Watch and enjoy. 




#5 Team Liquid jdm vs. Envy @ ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017 Round 1


It was a bo1 opening match on Cache. And, it should have ended in the 25th round, when Envy found themselves in a 5v1 vs jdm, but Josh Marzano had other ideas.



Though the whole thing didn’t turn out well for Liquid in the end (they lost the map 21:25), this was one of the most spectacular 1v5s in CS:GO history.



#4 Team Liquid Hiko vs. Conquest @ CEVO Professional Season 8 Round 5


Cache. Hiko 1v5. Tec-9. Not much more to say.




#3 Kinguin rain vs. @ FACE IT League 2015 Stage 2 Finals 


Kinguin was up against in their Group A bo3 elimination match. On the first map, rain, who was on the CT side found himself alone in a retake situation against four opponents staring down the barrel of a 14:15 scoreline. “Impossible” you say? Well, it wasn’t for rain. 



In the end, won Train, but lost Dust2 (12:16) and Cache (0:16), and were knocked out of the tournament.



#2 fnatic flusha vs. FaZe Clan @ IEM Katowice 2018 Grand Final


The IEM Katowice 2018 Grand Final was a roller coaster for the teams involved. And it produced a moment of glory for flusha. On the 5th map, Train (the decider), he pulled off an ace in a 2v5 to earn fnatic a lead, 14:11.



However, at the end of the second half, fnatic found themselves behind 14:15. So, up again stepped flusha to save the day. He completed a 3k in the middle of the round with a 1v2 clutch to carry his team to OT, where fnatic got the job done, 19:17.




Before we give you our #1, here are some other honorable mentions:


a,b) G2’s shox vs. Luminosity @ ESL Pro League Seson 3 Grand Final




c) Gambit’s Adren vs. ELEAGUE Season 1 




d) Na’vi’s GuardiaN vs. Cloud9 @ Cologne 2017 semifinal




e) Mouz’ woxic vs. Team Liquid @ ESL Pro League Season 9 Semifinal




f) Team Liquid’s Twistzz vs. G2 @ ESL Pro League Season 9 Grand Final




#1 FaZe NiKo vs. Mousesports @ ELEAGUE Major  2018 quarter-final


At 14:15 on the first map, Nuke, mouz were in a very winnable 3v2 (which ended up in a 2v1) retake situation at the lower site. But, NiKo had other plans. By winning a 1v2 clutch, he forced  OT, where FaZe outlasted mouz 19:16. Later, FaZe won the whole series and reached the Grand Final.



If you think there are clutches worth adding to the list, share your opinions in the comments. And if you want to be able to pull off incredible plays just like the pros on our list, join You will improve by learning new stuff, analyzing your matches and stats, and practicing (alone or with your opponents) on free servers. All in one place.


Stay tuned for more. Later.

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