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The Replay Viewer Is Here And It’s Glorious!

The DreamTeam Analytics Tool is already making waves in the CS:GO community, and with good reason. What could be better than a free tool that breaks down every aspect of your CS:GO game and displays the information in a kick-ass and well-designed interface? Wow, that was quite a question. By the time we reached the end, we had already forgotten what the question was about. Let’s simplify that.


What could make the DreamTeam Analytics Tool even better? Like that question, the answer is simple, a Replay Viewer. Analytics Tool users can, not only see just about every trackable statistic for both Teams, but can now rewatch any moment of a game in our detailed 2D map replayer. How detailed? Let’s put it this way, the dots that represent the Players get larger or smaller based on their elevation on the map. Yeah. But let’s not dive right into details just yet. Let’s go over a couple of important points first.


Replay Viewer: How to check it out


Make sure you’ve registered on and have created either a Player or Team Profile. The Replay Viewer can be found in the Analytics section on the DreamTeam platform. If you’ve never used the DreamTeam Analytics Tool, be sure to check it out for free on or read about how it works here.  


Replay Viewer: What it is


As previously mentioned, the Replay Viewer allows Teams and Players to relive any moment of a game via a controllable 2D map, displaying every detail of what happened: who had what, went where, threw what where, how each round ended; I guess you get the point. So, enough with the introductions.  Let’s take an in-depth look at the new DreamTeam Replay Viewer and discover how DreamTeam is changing the game when it comes to games played.



Replay Viewer: The sections


The Replay Viewer can be broken down into three simple sections: the round section, the viewer section, and the controller section.

The round section:


The round section includes the following basic information:

– The number of rounds

– Who won the round

– How the round was won

– The overall results


Clicking on each round displays that round in the viewer section.


The viewer section:


This is the core of the Replay Viewer. The only thing the viewer section doesn’t show you is the emotion of the player who was just one-tapped. Because there is so much going on, let’s discuss the viewer section piece by piece.


The viewer section: Team info


The viewer section: Score and Clock


Just above the viewer, you will notice the score and clock.

When the bomb is planted, the clock turns red and the detonation countdown begins. Use this countdown and the viewer information to find out exactly what both Teams are doing during this pivotal moment. Be sure to adjust your strats accordingly.


The viewer section: Grenades


Using grenades correctly can be the difference between winning and losing. Getting an overview of how every grenade was used in a round can assist with building better strats or be used to create anti-strats. The Replay Viewer uses a color-coding system to define which type of grenade was thrown.

The viewer shows who threw each grenade and marks its trajectory with a white line. When a  grenade explodes, a graphic is generated to help determine the effect of the grenade, and with certain grenades, a countdown shows how long the effects of the grenade lasted.

The controller section:


This is where the Replay Viewer is controlled. From here, you can play or pause the action, see what happened throughout the round, and skip directly to any specific point in the action.


Important need-to-know info:


The Replay Viewer is a Premium subscription feature. However, all users are able to use the Replay Viewer 5 times for FREE before needing to upgrade to Premium.


Player Premium subscribers get access to unlimited use of the Replay Viewer and Analytics for all matches while Team Premium subscribers get access to unlimited use of the Replay Viewer for Team matches and Analytics for all matches.


There you have it. The game-changing DreamTeam Replay Viewer in all its glory. Don’t forget to use the Replay Viewer with the other DreamTeam Analytic stats. Each category can be found on the left-hand side of the Replay Viewer. Boom! Now, log on to and use the Analytics Tool to discover and improve your strengths and weaknesses, anti-strat your opponent before the match even begins, get detailed reports on all aspects of your game, and learn Pro tactics by analyzing Pro matches.

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