playground for csgo on dreamteam

The Only Playground Not Recommended For Children

Playing with rifles, pistols, or snipers isn’t what you’d find on any typical Playground. That being said, the DreamTeam Playground isn’t just any typical Playground. Come with us as we take a quick look at the newest DreamTeam feature. 


The Playground 


coaching csgo


What is it?


A series of packs which test existing skills and teach new tactics. 


Why should you use it?


To test and improve your shooting skills and overall CS:GO knowledge. 


How does it work?


Just follow these simple steps:


– Visit

Click on a skill pack and select a challenge or task

– Follow the instructions


Some need to know info:


– Make sure to only use the gun specified in the instructions. 

– Shoot the three rectangles in the middle of the ceiling to have the bots spawn in front of you. 

– There is no visible timer table. The timer will begin when you kill the first bot. 


Make sure you kill at least 100 bots before closing the game. (Feel free to kill as many bots as you want. DreamTeam will analyze your best 100 bot kill combination.)


After completing the challenge or task, DreamTeam will automatically give you a pass/fail score. If you pass, move on. If you fail, try again. Note: it may take up to 15 minutes to process the results.  





What next? 


The Playground is the perfect addition to the DreamTeam CS:GO family. After you test your skills, head to the Training Center to improve those skills. Then, set up a Practice Game to play against a real Team. After the game, head to Analytics and spend 5-10 minutes reviewing your team’s and your opponent’s strats. If you discover holes in your game, head back to the Training Center  and improve those skills.


If it’s a weak Player, use DreamTeam to find new teammates. Use this cycle for a few days and you’ll see results. DreamTeam is the perfect place for CS:GO players to find Players and improve skills. All you have to do is use it.

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