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The Most Advanced LFG (Updated) in Apex Legends

There are fewer things better than getting home, turning on your console or PC, and disappearing into Apex Legends for a couple of hours. And wouldn’t you know it, none of your friends are online. It’s been a long day, and you don’t feel like playing with toxic randoms. We understand your pain. And we gotcha. Visit, check out the LFG features, and, boom, problem solved.


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The latest LFG update makes finding players even easier and faster. Here’s how:


New Post Algorithm 


The DreamTeam LFG displays posts based on when they were posted. Although doing that is helpful, it isn’t really what is most important to players who use our Apex Legends LFG feature. Because of this, the DreamTeam LFG now has the option to display posts based on who is currently online first. All you have to do is click the LFG filter and select the “online on top” option. After all, that’s what really matters. Players no longer need to scroll through posts to find the players who are currently online or wait until an offline player replies to a message. Players can connect and start playing sooner. Although there is nothing wrong with messaging players who are currently offline, especially if you find a player that compliments your stats and playstyle, messaging players who are online first will result in avoiding randoms faster. We’ve also added an LFG spam filter. Say goodbye to toxic posts and spam posts forever! 




Quick Skill Understanding


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Each post displays two pieces of information related to an Apex player’s skill: the DreamTeam Rating and rank. The DreamTeam Rating uses a complex algorithm to calculate a player’s overall skill based on stats and play experience. If you’re looking for a player and have a DT Rating of 8.5, you can quickly understand that it is probably a waste of time to reply to a post of a player who has a DT Rating of 0.6. 




Filter System



You can now quickly filter the LFG post by platform, online or not, mic, and Legend.






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You now have the ability to share that you are looking for players across Facebook groups and Twitter. Hopefully, you shouldn’t need this as our LFG finds players pretty quickly. However, we would appreciate a share or two for some advertising. Wink. Wink.




Prime Members


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Being a Prime or Prime Gold member allows you to boost your LFG post to the top of the list for 4 hours. After that, you can either create another post or boost your original post once again. Being a Prime member also allows you to post as many LFG posts as you like. 






As a bonus, we’ve also added avatars to each post. You’ve chosen your avatar for a reason. Why not attach it to your post? Done. Each post now displays a little bit more about who the poster is. 


In conclusion, let the power of LFG be with you! Improve and win with LFG on DreamTeam.

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