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The DreamTeam CS:GO Training Center Has Arrived!

If CS:GO Players want to improve their skills, DreamTeam is the place to do it. Along with Practice Games on free DreamTeam servers, Analytics, and the Coaching Tool, DreamTeam has added the Training Center. And you don’t even need to be on a Team to use it. Here is a quick summary for those who would like to dive right in: the DreamTeam Training Center is a collection of map groups selected by Pro CS:GO Players that can be used solo or with your Team to improve various skills in just 3 easy steps.


Step 1:   Choose What you Want to Improve.   


Step 2:  Choose Map and Settings.


Step 3:  Start the free server. 


So jump right in here. Or, continue reading for the finer points of the Training Center.  


Training Center: How to check it out


Make sure you’ve registered on DreamTeam.gg and have created a Player Profile. The Training Center can be found in the “Improve” section of the new menu layout or click “Training Center” in the Qbar.


Training Center: What it is


The DreamTeam Training Center, the quickest and easiest way to improve your CS:GO skills, can be used solo or with your Team to improve skills on various map categories and game types.   


Training Center: How to use it


The Training Center is quite simple, everything can be done in just one click: from choosing which skill to improve to choosing whether to add bots or not. First, choose from the list of map categories:


Official – official maps used in competitive pools.


Single Bombsite – small competitive single-bombsite maps.


Aim – best maps for improving your aim.


Personal – best maps for improving personal skills.


Then, select a map. Map options will vary depending upon which category you selected.


csgo maps dreamteam trening center .


Once you have selected the map, you will need to select the training format.  


Choose the type of config you want to use.

csgo trening center


And select whether you want to include bots or not.

csgo trening center

Now, all you have to do is start the server, share the link (if you are training with your Team of course), and join.csgo trening center


That’s it! Remember to use the automatically analyzed Practice Games to find out what you need to improve and then use the Training Center to fine-tune those skills. Sounds like the perfect cycle. Start getting better today, like now. Right now!





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