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The DreamTeam CS:GO Journey Map Has Arrived

Along with finding Players, creating Teams, hosting Practice Games with Practice Game Invites for free on DreamTeam servers, improving with DreamTeam analytics, and setting goals with the Coaching Tool, the platform now has an easy to follow esports path called the Journey Map. With the addition of this new feature, DreamTeam continues being the place for building Teams and improving skills. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the CS:GO Journey Map. Feel free to learn more about the recently added DreamTeam CS:GO Coaching tool here and Practice Game Invites here.


The Journey Map: how to get started


Make sure you have registered on and have created either a Player or Team Profile.


The Journey Map: what it is and how to use it


The DreamTeam CS:GO Journey Map is an interactive map which consists of multiple stages and steps. Each stage has one to multiple steps with each step being designed to assist DreamTeam users in their esports journey. Unlike traditional sports, esports has never had a concrete path on how to go from beginner to professional, until now.


Starting your journey


To use the DreamTeam Journey Map, click on the Journey Map icon at the top of the Q-bar on the left-hand side.

journey map on dreamteam

This will take you to the DreamTeam Journey Map.


The Journey Map


As stated above, the DreamTeam Journey Map consists of a series of stages that each contain one to multiple steps.

journey map on dreamteam

You must first choose whether you want to use the Journey Map as a Player or a Team Owner. For the purpose of explaining how the Journey Map works, we will be using it as a Player.


The first stage, which most users will have already completed, is to Join DreamTeam as a Player. Click on the “Join as Player” stage to see which steps you need to accomplish in order to complete this stage of your esports journey.  

join a csgo community

When a step is completed, you will see a small checkmark beside the step. Once all of the steps have been completed, you are ready to move on to the next stage of your journey.


Moving to the next stage


In order to move on to the next stage of your journey, make sure all of the steps have a checkmark beside them and click on the next stage. In this case, our next stage is to search for a Team. Again, you will see the steps that need to be accomplished in order to complete this stage. Here is the beautiful part, if you don’t know how to accomplish a step, simply click on that step and the Journey Map will take you to that section of the platform, where you can accomplish that step, automatically.  

join a csgo community

As you travel from stage to stage, you will see your journey marked with checkmarks and a blue line.

As this is the beta version of the DreamTeam Journey Map, not all stages are currently active. We are working around the clock to make this happen. In the meantime, make sure you log on to and start your esports journey today! Please let us know any feedback you might have about the DreamTeam CS:GO Journey Map.

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