Giersdorf Wins Fortnite World Cup

Teen, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf Wins Fortnite World Cup, Takes Home $3 Million

This was the week of the teenagers in New York. On consecutive days, players not old enough to vote took their positions on top of the gaming world by winning both the Duos and Solos tournaments at the Fortnite World Cup. The biggest prize went to Pennsylvania native, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, who was able to sweep aside some of the world’s strongest competitors without breaking too much of a sweat.




At a sold-out Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing, New York, the fight for the biggest prize pool in esports history (at least until The International crowns a champion in a few weeks) gave fans some of the highest-level play in competitive gaming. 


In the six-game series, Bugha was able to string together solid performance and solid performance, even getting a Victory Royale in the opening game. He played aggressively, leading from the front the entire way and had the title locked up with a game to spare. 


After being the first to qualify for the event from the North America East region way back in April, Bugha began working tirelessly on a training regimen. ESPN reported that “he would practice 8-10 hours a day, eat a specific Wawa sandwich and Gatorade before important online matches”. On Sunday, he was without the staples of his diet. And, he still managed to win convincingly.




Norwegian, Emil Bergquist Pedersen and Austrian, David W, also known as Nyhrox and Aqua  took home the first-place trophy in the Duos tournament on Saturday. Their victory netted them $1.5 million each and crowned them champions in the first-ever Fortnite World Cup.


The pair were able to dominate the high ground and finish strongly after a less-than-optimal start. The secured back-to-back victories in games 4 and 5, pushing them past some other really tough European competition. 


North America was represented well by 100 Thieves duo, Elevate and Ciece, who came in third and picked up a $1.8 million check for their efforts.


The competition at the Fortnite World Cup was everything a fan could’ve asked for. There were epic plays, a lively crowd, interactive attractions, and overnight teenage millionaires. With the popularity of Fortnite seemingly unstoppable, expect the second iteration of the event to be even bigger.

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