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Strat From Pro: Team BM

Usually, we publish strats that help you harm your opponents. But why don’t we relax a bit and have some fun at our teammates’ expense? Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok thought the same.


Faker’s outrageous move is based on Ryze’s ult. It teleports everyone who enters a certain area away. Naturally, when something desirable is also in that very area, it may get a bit frustrating.



Pay attention to the timing. Faker opens up the Realm Wrap shortly before the Rift Herald, and this is crucial. The ability has a delay between the cast and the teleport, so you better not leave your allies any time to react.


If you’re to pull off a similar prank while killing the Herald, you should actually be a bit faster than Faker. Both teammates were less than 0.25 seconds away from reaching the buff. Act quicker, and you’d be able to boast that you’re better than Faker!


There’s more than denying the Herald. You can use it to deny turret proximity gold or jungle buffs. Another option is teleporting your allies to the enemy fountain while they are destroying the Nexus turrets. Everybody loves a rollercoaster, don’t they?


Think twice before doing this in SoloQ. Most Masters/Grandmasters/Challengers are friends with each other, so they can appreciate a quirky Realm Wrap even when it may hurt them a bit. For example, Faker is notorious for playing Support instead of Mid when on a team with Cpt Jack and trolling him.


However, you’re more likely to enter a game with four perfect strangers. Upset them, and they have every right to report you for griefing. They have no right to start feeding, but it’s not outside of the realm of possibilities to see salty teammates do just that.

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