Strat from Pro: Survive Fountain BM

Whenever there is a break between pro matches, Lee “Rush” Yoon-jae is always ready to grace us with a 200 IQ outplay idea. Here’s one of them.


Fountain farming in SoloQ is huge, yet, rarely coordinated. You may see pros dive in one by one to give their teammate a pentakill, but it’s hard to ensure the same kind of commitment in ranked. It actually gives you a chance to survive.


However, putting up any sort of fountain defense is difficult, too. Some people are already AFK by the end, while others are just sitting there waiting to die. As a result, whenever a fed assassin is out there to kill you in the fountain, it’s mostly on you to survive.


Rush’s solution is boosting your protective stats. When a match is 100% lost, you can afford to sell your proper items and buy something defensive instead. In this clip, Rush is stocking up on HP items to survive Ignite.



Depending on who’s diving, other options include buying an expensive item or two to mitigate damage from specific champions. Thornmail will help you against assassins and long-range ADCs, while Zhonya’s Hourglass handles AP assassins well.


Avoid giving up your items too early. SoloQ matches are prone to throwing, so even a seemingly hopeless attempt at the final showdown may keep your base alive. People tilt easily as well, so you may eventually turn the game around and keep both your dignity and rank intact.

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