Strat From Pro: Sneaky FB With Rakan

Last week, Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle of G2 Esports showed us a great way to boost a teammate that is not laning with you. His Rakan wits secured first blood before the minion waves collided.


Rakan needs to start with W. Grand Entrance is his only CC apart from his ultimate, and it’s going to make more impact than a nuke from Q. As W deals no damage, there’s no way to pull off a kill without a teammate.


The move is based on Grand Entrance’s versatility. It’s used as both AoE crowd control and a dash. Get into an unexpected position with its first use, ambush your foe with its second.



Notice that G2 had a ward down before setting up the trap. Rakan coming from the Baron Pit can’t tell whether there are more enemies nearby. If you jump in recklessly and find their Jungler, it’s going to be you either flashing out or dying.


Don’t aim straight for the bush. Mikyx lands slightly to the right because he knows the right distance to continue to go unnoticed (thanks to Wunder revealing Alphari). From previous interactions on this part of the map, G2 also know this bush is not warded.


However, that may not be the case in your SoloQ game. I suggest you land far enough away to not be immediately spotted by a ward. You’ll be to gauge your enemies’ reaction while closing in, and W is going to be off cooldown by the time you need to escape if it all goes wrong.

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