Strat from Pro Shopping Range

Strat From Pro: Shopping Range

In this week’s edition of Strat from Pro, we are looking at proper shopping. Unlike in real life, the best way to grab your purchases is to stand a few meters away from the stand.


Buying at the maximum range saves you time and money. You get to come back to your lane a few seconds earlier. Depending on the state of the lane, this may make the difference between killing several minions or losing out to the turret.


The best way to figure out the range is the gold amount string. It turns grey when you’re too far away from the shop. Bind the stop movement hotkey to S and spam it to find the sweet spot.



You can also save time while waiting for gold. Champions accumulate five gold on their path from the return point to the edge of the shop. The number is reduced to four if you’re using the Magical Footwear rune.


Keep the 20-minute mark in mind. The home guard MS boost makes shopping at max range inefficient since the buff is refreshed only in the center of the platform. Also, gold generated on your way to the edge drops down to three.

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