Time Bomb League of legends

Strat From Pro: Prediction Time Bomb

On the last week of the 2019 LCS Spring Split, Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg pulled off a great tactical move to kill the enemy ADC as Zilean. It was the best-case scenario, but alternatives are nice as well.


The trick is based on Time Bomb’s large range. It is big enough to catch a foe Flashing away from you. You don’t need to speed up or even have boots: Flash travels 400 units while the bomb covers 900.


Although it wasn’t the case in the video below, the low cooldown helps as well. Flash normally takes 5 minutes to be used again while the highest delay after a first Time Bomb is 10 seconds.



The latch radius helps, too. One has to be within 100 units to have a Zilean bomb attached to them. Moar of the time, defensive Flashes are too restrictive to avoid a well-timed prediction throw.


Keep in mind that one has to move around the bomb to pick it up. However, most people keep moving in the direction they’ve just jumped, so this is a mere technicality.


Hitting a prediction bomb is not even necessary. Even if the enemy avoids it, you’re blocking an exit path. Inexperienced foes may even turn back and become free kills. Besides, it’s always possible to catch up and throw a second Time Bomb, which at this point is harder to miss than hit.

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