Strat From Pro Play: Inting Sion Opening

It’s generally bad to die on purpose in League of Legends, but sometimes one can actually benefit from doing it. Last week, Heo “Lindarang” Man-heung from Jin Air Green Wings attempted a cheeky start as Sion and almost leveled up at 2:00. He narrowly missed his chance, so we’re here to help you get it right.



The strat implies killing a big camp and a buff camp at the same time. Sion gets executed in the middle of the fight but stays on the battlefield as an enraged ghost. If you finish both monsters, you respawn at Level 2, the blue buff, and an extra ~200 gold in your pocket. Press Teleport and smash the lane opponent.


 The botched attempt from Lindarang


Execution requires steady micro. You need to deliver enough blows to the buff holder before switching to the big monster. Always move after auto attacks to shorten the animation and avoid channeling Q for too long. You will probably need to practice several times before you’re comfortable with everything.


In the clip, Lindarang was almost did everything correctly. However, the lethal mistakes were made while using the Q at Gromp (1:42), instead of hitting Blue Sentinel one more time Lindarang charged the Q for too long. As a result, he missed Gromp by one AA.


Itemization is about risk vs reward. If you’re confident enough, stick to Lindarang’s plan and don’t buy anything at all. This allows you to respawn with about 700 gold. It is just enough for the Korean top laner to buy Negatron’s Clock and make Vladimir useless before he backs.


A safer route would be starting with Doran’s Shield. This leaves you without an expensive item early on, yet the gold lead continues to accumulate allowing for an early Level 2 to be reached. Lindarang wouldn’t have died with the Shield.


Communicate with your Jungler before using this start. You’re taking two camps from your side, which demands consent. Your ally will need to invade after taking the other buff, so the bottom lane needs to keep the enemy ADC and Support in check. As you can see, there are a lot of ways things can go wrong, so in order to avoid frustrating the team in the beginning, discuss the inting strat in advance.

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