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Strat From Pro: Hasagi Dunk

It’s Season 4 all over again, as the Yasuo+Gragas combo is back to competitive play. The synergy is simple yet mighty, so we’re looking at how well the champions work in ranked.


Yasuo and Gragas interact well with their ults. Gragas pushes people around, Yasuo jumps at enemies in the air. If the timing is correct, Yasuo pounces on the knocked up foes before they get thrown to different sides.


The real gem though is the fact that Gragas’ body slam enables Yasuo to ult as well. Combined with Flashes, this allows for the swift execution of a squishy enemy.


Both champions work in multiple positions. Yasuo sits at a win rate of 52% in ADC and 49% in solo lanes. Gragas hovers around 50% everywhere but in ADC.


To make the most out of the synergy, you’d want to choose one of the two combinations. The most natural choice is Yasuo as ADC and Gragas as Support, as you get to pull the trigger whenever you want to. The second is Yasuo in a solo lane and Gragas in the jungle, as successful ganks are likely to snowball the game.


Don’t count on getting the duo in your ranked games. Yasuo is a widely hated champion: he is banned in half the matches. Still, if he somehow gets through, you should try and ask teammates to pick it—otherwise enemies may snatch the champion away.


On the other hand, you don’t need a partner to utilize the combo. Pings are enough for Gragas to start the ambush, and the ultimate icon flash is a definitive signal for Yasuo to R.

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