Bathing Ezreal

Strat from Pro: Bathing Ezreal

Lee “Rush” Yoon-jae of Echo Fox is here once again to remind us about a bizarre yet efficient Ezreal move. Technically, it wasn’t he who pulled it off. It did happen on his stream, so, I guess it still counts?



The move requires Teleport. As odd as it may sound, there is nothing wrong with taking this summoner spell for the champion. All ADCs can benefit from it in the SoloQ environment, where you sometimes need to make up for the lack of input from an autofilled Support. Besides, Ezreal can create a lot of pressure by shoveling one lane, throwing an ulti to another lane, and then jumping to the third.


The trap is simple: throw an ulti and teleport into it. Enemies will gather to catch a seemingly stupid ADC. What actually happens is they get chunked by the ult while you receive extra AS speed and go ham — who is stupid now?


However, you should carefully assess the situation. If there are no teammates to help you and you also lack QSS, chances are the enemies will quickly kill you. Of course, everything depends on opposing champions: sometimes E is enough.


Strike a balance between style points and efficiency. As I’ve mentioned before, your ult and Teleport off cooldown creates a lot of pressure. Sometimes, the threat of either is bigger than their potential. If you can’t make much impact while dropping both, keep them.



Bonus clip: bathing Ezreal from the Vietnamese league


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