Berlin Major recap

StarLadder Berlin Major Recap: 5 Key Storylines Of The 15th CS:GO Major

Two and a half weeks of top-tier Counter-Strike action at the StarLadder Berlin Major have come to an end. The tournament got its Champion, its MVP, and gave us several outstanding and moments. Here they are for you, broken down into digestible tidbits. Let’s go!




Ironically, the only correct pick was the one I wanted to fail.

So let’s just skip this one and get straight to business 😛


Back to back to back


Astralis are the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 champions! 



In the six months following the IEM Katowice Major, the CS:GO community has seen Team Liquid’s relentless dominance. Well, up until the 15th Major. In Berlin, the Danes made their first step to reclaiming their supremacy. 


Winning the StarLadder Berlin Major not only made Astralis $500,000 richer, it made Astralis the only team to have won the CS:GO Major three times in a row and four times in total. Zonic’s squad also now boast an 18-game winning streak in Majors’ Champions Stage matches. That’s wild.


The team’s impressive showing at the Berlin Major put Astralis back on track and may usher in the next act in the Astralis era.


A good day for dev1ce


It was his 24th birthday. 

His team became the first-ever four-time Major Champions.

And was crowned the StarLadder Berlin Major MVP.


Not a bad Sunday for Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz.


It was dev1ce’s second MVP title in 2019. The other one he received was for his outstanding performance at BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo almost six months ago. 


By winning the Major’s MVP medal, he increased his lead in individual top honors, where he’s in first place with 14 MVP awards.


But the MVP medal wasn’t the only thing dev1ce was presented with that night. He also got a very warm reception from the Mercedes-Benz Arena crowd, which sang him “Happy Birthday”.



A Broken Trophy


Everything was going suspiciously smoothly for Astralis that Sunday evening, so something had to go wrong. And it did. But it was funny.


Soon after the team lifted the StarLadder Berlin Major trophy, dev1ce decided to get a photo of him holding the trophy in one hand. And as soon as he lifted it up, the bottom part of the trophy came off, exposing the guts of the cup.


dev1ce was really embarrassed by the fact that the Major trophy crumbled in his hands but continued posing, which led to some outstanding photos 🙂



It’s not the first time Astralis has found itself in this kind of story. gla1ve had a similar issue with the IEM Chicago 2018 cup.



Reshuffle Madness


Each Major is immediately followed by a reshuffle period. The StarLadder Major is no exception. All the announcements are, surely, still yet to be made, but some big news has already become available.


– Aleksib


The fact that Aleksib will be replaced by suNny right after the Major was revealed two weeks before the Major started. However, that fact didn’t offset his sadness after losing the quarterfinal to Renegades.


Credit: @borodasltv


However, the fans’ support and the upcoming news must have cheered him up.


The famous CIS insider, Alexey “OverDrive” Biryukov, claimed that Aleksi and Marcelo “coldzera” David will soon replace Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovac and Filip “NEO” Kubski in FaZe Clan. The veracity of that claim will be tested soon.





It wasn’t even the end of the Major when Vitality announced the benching of Nathan “NBK-” Shmitt.


Credit: @borodasltv


That definitely upset the veteran of the French CS:GO scene. Soon after the news, u/BrollanTop1 published NBK’s thoughts on being benched which he shared in discord.



According to reports, Vitality are looking to replace NBK with Richard “shox” Papillon from G2 or Fabien “kioShiMa” Fiey. The issue is still yet to be resolved.


– Zeus


The day after the end of the Berlin Major, Natus Vincere’s long-time IGL, Daniil “Zeus” Teslenko announced his retirement from professional Counter-Strike as a player. Zeus shared the reasons behind his decision in a recent video on Na’Vi’s YouTube channel.


Among others, he cited disappointment from losing in the Major quarterfinals to NRG and his readiness to move on. 


His last tournament as a professional player will be BLAST Pro Series Moscow with Na’Vi.


Zeus will announce his future plans in a video on his YouTube channel.


New Graffiti Possible


In our article about some cool New Legends Stage facts, we told you about the episode in the Astralis vs G2 match, in which G2 failed to defuse the bomb even after eliminating their opponents, which cost them the match.


After that match, dev1ce suggested creating some new graffiti dedicated to that moment.



However, the Champions Stage gave us a way better option. And dev1ce was involved again.


In the NRG versus  Astralis semi-final, Nicolai managed to pull off an amazing pistol round clutch on Train. He was 1v3, on 3hp, and had 3 bullets left in his clip.



This insane clutch is definitely worth a graffiti, don’t you think?


The StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 is in the books now. I hope it was an awesome experience of Counter-Strike for you. However, we’re always looking toward the next frontier – the next big CS:GO event. 


If you’d like to relive the biggest moments from the Berlin Major, just click here. Also, check out our educational and fun sections. And we’ll be working on providing you with the most interesting up-to-date content about the game we all love – CS:GO. Later.

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