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StarLadder Berlin Major – 5 Facts About The New Challengers Stage

If, for some reason, you missed the New Challengers Stage of the StarLadder Berlin Major, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together five interesting storylines about the group stage which includes some of the most unexpected results and a scandal involving StarLadder. Intrigued? Jump in and find out what you’ve missed.



Vitality Ruin DreamTeam’s Pick’Ems


In our Challengers Stage Pick’Ems, we had Vitality going 3-0, INTZ 0-3, and these seven to make it to the next stage: mouz, G2, CR4ZY, AVANGAR, FURIA, forZe, and NRG. As a result, we got a passable 6/9.


New Challengers Stage Pick'Ems


Vitality did make their way to the New Legends Stage but had to sweat for it. Our 3-0 pick was demolished as they surprisingly lost their opening match to one of the outsiders of the Main Qualifier, Syman Gaming. Eventually, ZywOo and co. ended up playing a decider against Grayhound, where they bested the Australian squad to move on in the tournament.


Vitality starladder major berlin 2019


Unexpectedly, FURIA finished the group stage with a 1-3 record. It definitely wasn’t the kind of performance you’d expect from the #1 SA team which had recently signed five-year contracts with kscerato and co.


Another miss in our Pick’Em was forZe. They lost their spot in the New Legends Stage in a CIS derby versus another unheralded team of the group stage, DreamEaters. That’s more proof that anything can happen in a regional rivalry. That’s why we love them.



DreamEaters Shock The World


DreamEaters Become Legends


DreamEaters were rated as the second-worst team in the group stage but impressed opponents, casters, and fans alike with their performances. NRG, Vitality, and forZe all fell victim to the up-and-comers.


The opener against NRG could’ve been a disaster for the NA team, as at some point they found themselves losing 6:15. They did lose the match but with a much more respectable score, 17:19.


Another interesting fact is that after making it to the next stage, the DE players received invites to the FPL.



The team’s great performance made them the only totally unforeseen qualifier for the New Legends Stage.



w0xic And His Mouse


woxic is unstoppable


Unlike Vitality and NRG, mouz did confidently win their opener vs forZe, 16:6. But woxic didn’t have any fun at all. According to his twitter, he broke his mouse shortly after the first pistol round. Unluckily, he didn’t have a reserve one, so he was forced to play with a mouse he wasn’t used to.



We don’t know for sure whether he had to play the whole group stage with a “stand-in mouse”, but he won’t have to in the New Legends Stage.


Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill, a member of the Analyst desk, claimed that he purchased two mouses for woxic which will arrive by the start of the New Legends Stage. Should we expect even more powerful performances from woxic




StarLadder Bans Streamers


The StarLadder Major’s flow was disrupted by two big negative issues.


The first one was related to DMCA takedowns.


DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is copyright law. It protects the content owner’s rights and allows them to request the takedown of the copyrighted content if it was copyrighted with violations. 


At StarLadder’s request, DMCA was applied to streamers who were streaming the Berlin Major via GOTV. This resulted in multiple streamers being handed bans.



This resulted in a wave of fury from the CS:GO community.


These DMCA takedowns seem strange, as Valve’s rules allow streaming via GOTV if the streamer doesn’t use any of the official broadcast content (layouts, casters’ voice, etc.) or his/her own advertisements.


Valve allows streaming via GOTV


Eventually, StarLadder withdrew their DMCA takedowns which resulted in the streamers’ bans being reversed (it’s still in progress) but requested that they insert their video ads into the stream itself when asked.



The issue is not totally resolved yet and we’re waiting for Valve to step in and make a comment in this discussion



Observers Miss The Action


At the StarLadder Major, viewers have been dissatisfied with the observers’ work. 


They state that observers rarely follow the important action, switch the camera at the worst times, and their work looks more like a default auto switch.


A Reddit user, u/Sydadeath, made a clip where this happens twice during one round.



Even s1mple didn’t stay silent for long, by highlighting this issue on his twitter.



Some of the observers, who weren’t invited to the Berlin Major, called the camera work at the event “disrespectful to observing as a job” and “a kick in the teeth”.


Hopefully, the Major’s observers will get their mistakes corrected before the start of the main stage of the tournament.

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