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StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 – The Participant Files

The StarLadder Berlin Major is nearly upon us. Each day we’ll be spotlighting a team or two that is looking to advance through the Challengers Stage and become the next Major champion.


Check back daily to see the most epic highlights since IEM Katowice for every player from every team.


Update #5:


– The New Champions Stage Pick’Em


Update #4: 


– 10 Facts About The New Legends Stage


Update #3:


New Legends Stage Pick’Em




Check out the top 10 best plays of the New Challengers Stage.





We’ve also put together all the content related to the StarLadder Berlin Major we have at the moment. You can find it in the list below. Follow the updates at the top of the article.


StarLadder Berlin Major Quiz

New Challengers Stage Pick’Em

5 Facts About The New Challengers Stage



Participant file


Teams: FURIA. NRG. compLexity. INTZ.


Their status is “Challengers”. They represent the USA and Brazil. And these highlights prove they’re aiming to win!



Participant file


Teams: Mousesports. Vitality. NRG. North. G2. HR.


These guys represent Europe. And they’ve got skills.



Participant file


Teams: Grayhound Gaming. Tyloogaming. AVANGAR. DreamEaters. Syman. forZe.


It’s time for the CIS and Asian Challengers to show up. 



G2 Esports


Participant file


Name: G2 Esports

World ranking: #8

Status: The Returning Challenger





Participant file


Name: NRG

World ranking: #5

Status: The Minor Challenger



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