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StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 Pick’Em. New Challengers Stage.

At, we’d never shy away from Pick’Ems, so we’re revealing our own picks for the New Challengers Stage of the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019.


We didn’t pick Vitality. Just joking 🙂 But we still do have several controversial picks. Which ones? Hop in and find out.


DreamTeam's Challengers Stage Pick'Ems






Team Vitality


Not that surprising, right? 🙂 The #2 team in the world at the moment. The most experienced team among the Challengers. Mouz and G2 could cause problems for ZywOo and co. Plus, the Major comes on the heels of the player break. But in the end, I don’t think Vitality are in a position where they could just coast through their preparation. They are ready, and they will beat everyone the come up against.


Teams to advance to the New Legends Stage






Though Mouz were rated 6th out of the 16 Challengers, to me, it was the second obvious pick after Vitality.


Mouz have built a great roster with huge potential, and it’s time for them to fulfill it. 

They have explosiveness, incredible firepower, and unpredictable aggression. If karrigan manages to harness these factors (just like he did at ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals), mouz can not only breeze past the New Challengers Stage but also be a troublemaker for the Legends.





Enough has been said about the reinforcement represented by stanislaw – this has been proven by the team’s recent results. That includes a flawless 4-0 run at the Americas Minor. NRG definitely can handle the New Challengers stage. They are the #6 team after all. 


New IGL. New logo. Great recent performances. The stars are all aligned.






This pick is more of a leap of faith. AVANGAR have been performing poorly lately due to a new arrival – AdreN replaced fitch in late June. However, two months have passed now. Plus, the Major is a place where having such an experienced player who once was the Major MVP (PGL Krakow 2017 with Gambit) is beneficial. AVANGAR know how to get through the Challengers Stage, and they will.






They are the most underrated team, in my opinion. 


Forze have been in the top 30 of the’s rating for such a long time but have been snubbed by tournament organizers in terms of invites. But now this should change.


It’s reasonable to say that they’ve risen up the CIS CS:GO scene and earned the right to be at the StarLadder Berlin Major among the best teams in the world. Finally, the world will see what these guys are capable of.





G2 will either breeze past the New Challengers Stage (3:1) or will crumble. I consider the first scenario more likely to happen.


The team is definitely on the rise (let’s consider IEM Chicago 2019 and a loss to MIBR with zews on the roster a fluke). Shox and kennyS are playing just like in the good old days. So the organization and the team should get ready to experience what it feels like to play at the biggest CS:GO stage again.






This pick is all about FURIA’s results.


The last five months have been the best for the team in terms of results (except for ESL One: Cologne 2019). 


During this period, FURIA became the #1 team in South America, overtaking the top spot from the long-time holder, MIBR. They also defeated Astralis twice at ECS Season 7 Finals (in both matches, they beat the Danes on their once-best map, Nuke).


And the Brazilian train doesn’t seem to be ready to stop; not in the New Challengers Stage at least.






A controversial, more like gamble pick, just like AVANGAR. But I decided to pick CR4ZY instead of North


The team did pretty well in the qualifiers and has been strong against tier 2 teams in 2019. Now it’s time to give their best in the second biggest tournament of the year.


This is not going to be a walk in the park for the international roster (3-2 is the most likely record). 


Well, who cares about the analytics – I just want to see the Kovac brothers derby in the New Legends Stage 🙂








I eliminated Syman and DreamEaters from consideration for the 0-3 victims, as I have faith in those CIS teams. Syman were practicing with tier 1 teams before the Berlin Major for sure, while DreamEaters have already proven they are better than INTZ. The other option I considered was compLexity, but I simply don’t want the 16-year old star, oBo, to go home with an 0-3 record; simple as that 🙂


We chose our favorites and will be cheering for them. There’s always room for discussion about the right and wrong picks, and that’s why we love Pick Ems. 


Pick your own top 8 of the StarLadder Berlin Major, and share your thoughts in the comments. Then, test your knowledge with our Berlin Major Quiz.


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