Simplified Flows And Time Control

The title of this article sounds like this update is right out of an Avengers film. As cool as that would be, it simply isn’t the case. In this update announcement, we’ll discuss updates to the DreamTeam Practice Games flow and Analytics Replay Viewer.



New PG flow and Replay Viewer updates: How to check them out


Make sure you’ve registered on DreamTeam.gg. You must be on a team to experience the new Practice Game flow. If you need help joining a Team, check out our Finding Teams 2.0 article. The Replay Viewer updates can be found in the Analytics section on the DreamTeam platform. If you’ve never used the DreamTeam Analytics Tool, be sure to check it out for free on DreamTeam.gg or read about how it works here.



New PG flow: What it is


Playing a DreamTeam Practice Games is now the easiest it has ever been. Practice Games now have a “quick start option”. What does that mean? It means that all “Play Now” games, games which start in the next 15 minutes, completely skip the Team Application process. The first Team to “Apply” is automatically selected to play in that game.




“Upcoming” Games, games that start more than 15 minutes after their creation time, still require Teams to go through the normal Application process. To Apply to a Practice Game, simply choose a map and your Application will be sent to the host Team.




New PG flow: How to play


It’s simple. Find a Practice Game in the “Play Now” section and choose a map to start the game. The server will automatically launch. Boom! Done.




New PG flow: How to create


Creating a “quick start” Practice Game is just as simple as joining one. Click the “CREATE PRACTICE GAME” button and select the “RIGHT NOW” option.




Be sure to fill out the other game options and click “CREATE.” That’s it. Just sit back and wait for the first Team to choose a map to start.


Replay Viewer: What it is


As previously mentioned, the Replay Viewer allows Teams and Players to relive any moment of a game via an interactive 2D map, displaying every detail of what happened: who had what, went where, threw what where, how each round ended; I guess you get the point. So, what’s new? Let’s take a look at the minor updates.


Replay Viewer: Updates


The Replay Viewer updates are minor yet huge at the same time, that is if you like to play Vertigo. Yep, that’s right. Vertigo has been added to the DreamTeam Replay Viewer. Along with the new map addition, you now have the ability to speed up or slow down time, in the viewer of course. The 3x and 0.5x speeds have been added, with 2x coming soon.




There you have it. Now get out there and kick some, as we always say, butt. GL HF!


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