Leaks about drone, new mode Apex Legends

Season 3 Of Apex Legends To Add PVE Mode According To Dataminers

The “bots” you play with on a regular basis in King’s Canyon may soon be replaced by actual bots in a new PVE mode potentially coming to Apex Legends in Season 3.


Well-known dataminer, That1MiningGuy, has revealed that there is enough information in the data files to suggest that the new PVE mode may be coming as early as next season. In a video on his YouTube channel, he states that there will be ten different missions where you’ll fight various monsters. 


Along with the monsters, some of them very reminiscent of Titanfall, there will be at least mini-stories inside the mode. The data shows that there will be task progression of some sort with one mission’s code describing a scenario where you need to “Hijack a Transport to Find the Vault”  and then grab yourself a Hovertank and use it to “Disrupt Reavers,” “Disable Turrets,” and, “Weaken Titans.”


If PVE is really coming to Apex Legends, I’m not really sure that it’s something that’s needed or has been asked for. Unless there are extremely good rewards or an amazing story, it’s difficult to say whether the PVP-loving crowd will play it long enough for the mode to even be worth it to the developers. Some are hopeful that this content will crossover with a new Titanfall title or lead in to one that comes out in the future.


More info on Crypto


Along with the PVE leaks are more details about what we can expect to see from Crypto, the likeliest next legend that we talked about a couple weeks ago in an article on our blog.


That1MiningGuy also tweeted out this video showing what the hacker’s drone buddy looks like. 



Whatever happens with PVE and the next potential legend, it seems Apex are still willing to take some risks and take advantage of the nostalgia that players have for the Titanfall universe.

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