CS:GO updates Vertigo and scrimmage maps

7/31/2019 CS:GO Release Notes: Scrimmage Maps And Vertigo Update

The most recent CS:GO update, 7/31/2019, consisted of two big updates: scrimmage maps and a Vertigo update. Although there were several smaller updates, we will only discuss those two. 


Scrimmage Maps


First of all, the CS:GO devs added three scrimmage maps: Ruby, Breach, and Seaside, to Valve’s official competitive unranked matchmaking list. 


This means several things:


– There are no ranking restrictions for players in your party (your party can be joined by a player of any rank)

– The result of the match won’t affect your Skill Group (you don’t rank up in unranked MM, so the number of cheaters should decrease significantly) 

– A win in the match won’t add a point to your Competitive Wins counter (obv. 🙂 )


Seems cool, doesn’t it? Personally, I’m looking forward to playing on Seaside. I’ve heard there’s an awesome boost on this map 🙂 


INSANE OP Boost Spot on Seaside (TSpawn) | Part of CSGO’s newest update from GlobalOffensive


The second part of the update is much bigger.


Vertigo Update


After nerfing the AUG, the CS:GO devs returned to improving Vertigo. And, as always, there are two sides to the story.


The changes are far more than cosmetic. The devs made the approach to the B site narrower, removed the elevator shaft, added a ladder to mid, and more. Here’s the whole list of modifications:


– New approach to B site




– Removed “rafters” around B site entrance

– Offset HVAC units on B site, numbered them

– Added a way to throw utility into B site without being exposed




– Removed one-way drop-down elevator shaft




– Added ladder-room near elevator shaft, leads up to mid chokepoint, allows utility towards A




– Moved bridge over elevator shaft

– Moved T spawns further back

– Widened utility hole in T corridor to mid

– Made jump up to scaffolding at back of A easier

– Widened door at back of A




– Various minor bug fixes


On one hand, these changes are awesome, as they’re directed to balancing the map. 


– CTs received a timing advantage in securing the B site, as the T spawns were moved. Plus, changes to the B-site approach make the execution more difficult for the offensive side. Actually, the new window for the B-site nade execution might even this a bit.


– Adding a ladder room instead of an elevator shaft gives the Ts an additional flanking point to attack Mid and a preparatory area for the A-site execution. This gives the Ts a slight advantage on this part of the map. 


– The added gaps and windows created room for inventing new ways to execute sites via grenades for the Ts.


Seems like an obvious improvement, right?



Give up on Vertigo


On the other hand, there are three huge arguments to why the devs should stop trying to improve Vertigo.


First, it’s a map that lots of CS:GO Pros hate playing and most wish it was removed from the competitive map pool (hello, fer 🙂 ) 



Second, the changes to the map were made 23 days before the start of a Major (and these 23 days include a player break). IMO, there’s so little time for preparation that the teams won’t risk practicing a reworked map, sacrificing the time they could use practicing on maps from the “regular” map pool.


Third, during the last 3 months, Vertigo was only played 176 times in professional CS:GO matches – that’s 4.3% of all maps played. If teams rarely pick Vertigo, why would they start when they have so little time to practice on the updated version?


As for me, I’m on the conservative side, wishing Valve would bring the reworked Cache back to the competitive map pool. I miss Cache, a lot 🙂


What about you? Do you like the recent CS:GO changes? Let us know in the comments below. 


And then make sure to try the updated version of Vertigo. That’s simple: just create a pracc via our Practice Games feature. GL&HF! 

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