Rising Pick: Vi

Over the past few patches, Vi has only been going up and is now bordering on S-tier for Junglers. Here’s a brief look at her.


Vi is an elite duelist. As a result, she counters all Junglers that can’t fight in the early game (Sylas and Twitch come to mind). Besides, Vi’s tankiness makes her a good option into supposedly better duelists like Lee Sin and Pantheon. She has enough defense to survive their assault and enough damage to wear them down.


There are no hard counters to Vi, but she generally fares worse against champions that can run away from her. Rammus, Udyr, and Hecarim are some of those characters—and they can fight back, too.


Vi prefers to close out early. Her win rate peaks at 20-25 minutes in (55.69%) and dips to 53.15% at 40-45 minutes. After all, she is an early ganker, so you’d rather not leave enemies any room for recovery.


A great thing about Vi’s kit is that her R is always relevant. This is a dashing target knock-up one simply can’t stop. It’s great at 8:00 and probably even better at 80:00 (please, don’t take that long to win!).


Some itemization variety is fine but get Trinity Force ASAP. Vi is all about using abilities and following them up with auto attacks, so there’s no better item. Get it right after Warrior.


Items: Skirmisher’s Sabre: Warrior->Trinity Force->Sterak’s Gage/Guardian Angel


Abilities: Q>E>W with a W->Q->E start


Runes: Aftershock->Shield Bash>Bone Plating->Revitalize; Triumph->Legend: Alacrity

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