Rising Pick: Jungle Taliyah

Taliyah hasn’t been an elite Mid pick for a while, but her rise in the Jungle certainly makes up for that. For the past few days, her win rate in Platinum+ has been above 53%. Nineteen picks so far in the 2019 Season of pro play make the option legit, too. Here’s what you need to know about Taliyah battling among the camps.


Taliyah lol


Taliyah thrives at defeating slow clearers. Amumu, Fiddlesticks, Ivern, Warwick, Shaco all beat her less than 45% of the time. Despite having a somewhat decent clear, Pantheon is struggling the most (a win rate of 36%).


Champions with good clear and early skirmishers can destroy Taliyah. Udyr, Shyvana, and Skarner hover at 55% when it comes to facing her in Jungle. Master Yi, Hecarim, Rengar are doing just a tad bit worse.


Taliyah Jungle has a great power spike. Runic Echoes, Sorcerer’s Shoes, and Morellonomicon are generally enough to win most fights. The average player reaches it around 20 minutes, and this is exactly the mark at which Taliyah’s win rate peaks at 54.6%.


If you miss the opportunity to capitalize early, late game is still an option. The wall from R is impactful enough to turn the tide, and one team fight victory is enough to close out the game once you’re 30-35 minutes in.


Skill orders vary, but one thing is certain. You need to max Q to maximize your damage to both the monsters and champions you’re ganking. I recommend E as your second priority because the slow is easier to hit than a stun from W.


Items: Enchantment: Runic Echoes->Morellonomicon->Zhonya’s Hour


Abilities: Q>E>W


Runes: Electrocute->Cheap Shot>Eyeball Collection->Ravenous Hunter; Absolute Focus->Waterwalking

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