REWORKED__Kayle league of legends


Unlike her sister, Kayle was significantly changed in Patch 9.4. Fast-forward to 9.5, and she is an S-tier pick across all regions and roles. We’re looking at her new abilities and the ways to utilize them.




Passive: Divine Ascent


This is the defining ability for Kayle’s new identity. It brings together her, eventually, ranged AAs and amazing attack speed that we loved so much in the previous version. Initially, this is nothing but a 6-hit AS steroid that also gives movement speed at max stacks. However, things get spicier with levels:

– Level 6 (Aflame): extra flames toward the target
– Level 11 (Arisen): Kayle gains an attack range of 550, the max AS bonus from stacks is up from 30 to 50%
– Level 16 (Transcendent): The MS buff no longer requires full stacks, Aflame now deals true damage instead of magic damage


Now that you don’t have to play around an active ability that would previously make you ranged for a while, getting to level 11 is extremely important. This is why Support Kayle has hardly been used after the rework.


Q: Radiant Blast


Kayle places a portal that eventually erupts a sword. It explodes into a cross upon hitting a foe. Affected enemies have their movement speed, armor, and magic resistance reduced on top of taking damage.


The most important thing about this ability is that the delay is reduced as your attack speed increases. AS item builds still rock.


This is a simple point-and-click heal and movement speed buff. It scales with your Ability Power. The base MS bonus is 26–50%, so use this ability to dodge projectiles and run/chase while in the lane. Seriously, keep this in mind: the MS boost had a delay in Patch 9.4, where Kayle had a much lower win rate.


E: Starfire Spellblade


This ability is like a good wine:
– Initially, the passive gives you flat magic damage while the active makes you a ranged champion before level 11.
– Past level 11, the active makes your attack explode and deal extra missing HP% magic damage.
– At all levels, activation resets your AA animation.


The only downside is the mana cost of 50-70. Be careful not to blow through your whole pool.


R: Divine Judgment


The main effect is the same: you use the ability and become invulnerable for 2/3/4 seconds. However, the devs added an offensive side to the ability. Now, the game marks an area surrounding the target and drops the sword 1.5 seconds later.


For this ability, keep in mind that this is actually invulnerability rather than a second chance. Don’t wait until your allies or you, yourself, get extremely low to use it. Instead, try to block as much damage as possible. Also, use it on other squishies once they are hit by CC.


Solo Lane Kayle


Mid/Top Kayle is about hitting level 11. Once you’re there, it’s extremely easy to protect your squishies and burn those that defy you.


Items: Nashor’s Tooth>Guinsoo’s Rageblade>Hextech Gunblade


Abilities: E>Q>W or Q>E>W


Runes: Kleptomancy>Magical Footwear>Biscuit Delivery->Time Warp Tonic; Taster of Blood->Ravenous Hunter


Jungle Kayle


Jungle Kayle is about power farming. However, it doesn’t mean you are free to neglect your allies. Use your extra movement speed to react to the enemy Jungler’s moves. Otherwise, keep farming.


Items: Enchantment: Bloodrazor->Guinsoo’s Rageblade->Hextech Gunblade


Abilities: E>Q>W


Runes: Fleet Footwork>Triumph>Legend: Alacrity->Coup de Grace; Magical Footwear->Approach Velocity

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