What Is It?


Reaction is the skill which shows how soon you start dealing damage to opponents after spotting them.


Why Improve It?


In the AWPers’ firefight, the player who sees and shoots at the other player first has an obvious advantage.


Having a fast reaction also allows you to hit your opponent with a shot while holding a narrow-angle. Practice it and you will be able to punish your opponents for shoulder peeking and not covering themselves with smoke while running past the door gap on Dust2.


How To Improve It?


A. Use Browser Tools


a. HumanBenchmark


This Internet browser tool will help you improve your reaction time. The idea of this tool is quite simple: you have 5 attempts to react to the banner’s color change with an LMB click. At the end of the exercise, you receive your average reaction time.


b. AlbinoBlackSheep Shoot


The idea is to hit the middle of the moving target as many times as you can in a  30-second span. You get 2 points for hitting the bullseye, 1 point for hitting the larger circle and lose 2 points for missing. This tool helps you improve your reaction time and aim simultaneously.


B. Practice On CS:GO Workshop Maps


a. training_aim_csgo2


A similar approach of reacting to the target’s color change is used on the training_aim_csgo2. Here you set the duration of time that a target remains, a color, grab an AWP, and try to shoot the target while it remains that color for that set duration of time.


b. training_center_1.5c


Practice shooting through the door gap (hello, Dust2) and improve your reaction with the help of one of this map’s installments. Simply choose the size of the gap, distance to it, bots’ speed, direction, and start shooting.


If you follow these instructions, you will definitely decrease your reaction time. Keep in mind, improving a single skill while ignoring the rest won’t help you reach the top. Becoming a Pro in CS:GO is about mastering a large set of hard and soft skills, such as positioning, cooperation, utility usage, communication, etc. If you develop all of those, you’ll be on your way to becoming the best.

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