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Ranked Matches Are A Whole Other Animal

For those of us who had been just casually queueing up for Apex Legends matches over the past few months, ranked has come as a welcome but eye-opening experience. The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive when talking just about adding competitive to the game, but there are a few things left to be desired. Respawn has indicated that this is just their first crack at it and will be constantly and consistently making changes to make the mode as good as it can possibly be.


So, here are a few important things we’ve learned about Apex Ranked after playing for a little more than a week.


Apex legends ranks


Ranking up by hiding will end up f***ing you in the long run. Hiding until the very end has been encouraged by the way that this mode has been rolled out. Capping the points a player can gain from kills at five and giving out a huge number of points just for surviving until the top five is enticing otherwise aggressive players to camp. Along with the release of Wattson, this is the most stationary version of the game to-date. 


If you get to gold and you’re really a silver player, you can’t rank down by losing matches at this point. So, you’re going to spend your season getting your butt kicked by players who are better. There is some upside to that as the better players you regularly face, the better you’re forced to become. If you don’t improve, the ranked experience isn’t going to be pleasant for those who hide their ways to the top.


Apex legends Ranks


Don’t play without a pre-made squad, because you’re at a huge disadvantage. For Bronze and Silver players, going in to a PUG squad can still work, especially if you’re a top player in one of those divisions. But, once you make it to Gold, things get significantly more difficult. It seems that most players in this division and above are in three-man squads with comms. Try to get your buddies to play with you or pick up someone who seems to know what he/she is doing in a match in which you’re randomly paired. I don’t think it can be overstated how important it is to have a team that can communicate.


You can go down within a level but not down to a lower rank. Nearly every player who plays enough games will make it to, at least silver. Bronze ranked matches cost zero points to enter and making it to the top ten and getting a kill each game will move you up to Silver pretty quickly. Once you’re in Silver, you’ll never be a Bronze player again. You can stay in the basement of a level, but you’ll never go a tier lower. This will change at some point, probably in the second iteration of Ranked.


You’ve got to switch from a regular match to ranked in the ready-up screen. Sometimes, when the game crashes, it reaks havoc on the lobby. It will change your match type from ranked to casual or keep kicking one of the players on your team. So, to make sure you don’t waste your time on a mode you have no interest playing, check the bottom left corner of your screen before readying up.


And lastly, here’s what it would take to get you from Gold to Apex Predator if you finished every game in the top ten.


At Gold, you have to get 1 kill and reach the top 10 every game in order to achieve Platinum in 200 games. From Platinum, you’d need 2 kills and a top 10 finish every game to reach diamond in 240 games. And, from Diamond, you’d have to tally 3 kills and a top 10 finish every game to reach predator in 280 games. Getting to the top, for most of us, won’t be quick and easy.


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