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Ranked Guide- Rank Up Fast

If you’re not Dizzy or Shroud, winning every match you play in Apex Legends probably isn’t an option for you. Getting five kills per match and winning is obviously the fastest way to get to the top of Ranked. But, here are some simple tips that you can follow to help you move up as fast as possible. These are intended for average players who are looking for ways to get through bronze and silver as quickly as possible.


Stay in your lane


Unless you’re a great player who just started playing ranked, try to keep your team as close to the same level as possible. If your friend is a diamond player and you’re a silver player, you’re probably going to have a bad time. Having all your team members be the same level will ensure that you’re not playing up a rank with no bonus points gained for doing so.




Being in the top 10 every game is a good way to get yourself some points without having to do much damage. Getting your team into the better half should be the minimum goal in every match, because at the low levels, you’ll break even at worst. If you add some kills and get into the top five or better, it’s a bonus.


Arrive late to the party


Third-party kills are the easiest way to mop up a fight and get your hands on some coveted rank points. If you hear fighting in the distance, get your team to safe-ish place where you can see what’s going on. When you think that the teams are weak, swoop in and finish them off. Just be cafeful to not stick around too long as there may be other teams looking to clean you up.


An “A” in chemisty


Try to play with the same people as often as possible. Find a team comp that works for you and get in the habit of picking those characters each time. You’ll quickly pick up on your teammates’ tendencies and know what they’re planning on doing next. That’ll help put you in better positions to help them out.


Loot to kill


Unlike in casual play, it’s better to land safely and loot up before going into battle. You don’t want to leave your rank to RNG. Sure, you may get a kill early, but you also might land and pick up three extended energy magazines and be up against a fully-kitted team. It’s much wiser to jump out of the drop ship late to get a good idea of where everyone is going before you make your decision.


Follow these simple tips and you’ll have no problem getting through the lower levels of ranked. To check out how you and your teammates are doing, head over to dreamteam.gg/apex/leaderboards.

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