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Practice Game Invites Have Arrived

Along with finding Players, creating Teams, hosting Practice Games for free on DreamTeam servers, improving with DreamTeam analytics and the Journey Map, and setting Goals with the Coaching Tool, the platform now has Practice Game Invites. With the addition of Practice Game Invites, DreamTeam continues being the place for building Teams and improving skills. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the Practice Game Invites. Feel free to learn more about the recently added DreamTeam CS:GO Coaching tool here and CS:GO Journey Map here.


Practice Games Invites: how to get started


Make sure you have registered on and have created either a Player or Team Profile. Users with a Player Profile must first join a Team before being able to invite another Team to a practice game. If you need help joining a Team, check out our Finding Teams 2.0 article.


Practice Games Invites: what it is and how to use it


Practice Game Invites can be used to skip the Practice Game application process and invite any specific team to a Practice Game. This saves time, as the Team no longer need to find the Practice Game your Team has created nor does the creating Team need to hope that the Team they want to Practice with applies to their game.


There are several ways to send a Practice Game Invite. The first way is to click “Team” in the top menu and then click “Team Search” in the filter. This will bring up a list of Teams. You can either search for a specific Team by typing the Team name into the search box or browse the list of already shown Teams.

Practice games invites tool


Inviting a Team


To invite a Team to a Practice Game, click “Practice” on the Team’s Profile shown in the Team Search area.

invite to practice a game in cs:go

Once you have clicked “Practice” you need to create the Practice Game.


After filling out the Practice Game information and clicking “Create”, the Team you invited will receive a Practice Game invitation in their Practice Games Dashboard.

practice games dashboard


The invited Team can accept or decline the invitation from the “Invitations” section of their Dashboard.


Your sent invitations


The invitations that a Team has sent can be found in the “Applied To” section in the Practice Games Dashboard. Once a Team has accepted the invitation, the creating Team can start the game.

invite friends to csgo


Practice again


If you have already practiced with a Team, you can invite them to another Practice Game by going to the “Played” section in the Practice Games Dashboard and clicking “Practice Again.”

Practice in csgo

There you have it. Now get on and start inviting Teams to Practice Games.


And don’t forget to check out the CS:GO Practice Game Analytics. Every CS:GO Practice Game finished on DreamTeam servers are automatically uploaded and analyzed.

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