Player Premium

Introducing Players Premium. The easiest teambuilding made even easier! So, what exactly is Player Premium and how does it make finding a Team even easier? In this article, we will cover the Player Premium features and why they are essential.


If you are a Team Owner, and not a Player, and find yourself here, be sure to check out our article on Team Premium. Or save some time, learn about Premium and purchase it here.


Advanced Search Filters


Having a Premium Player Profile gives you the ability to search for Players or Vacancies using additional search filters.

– Player Availability

– Min. Game Rank

– Age Range

– Min. Headshot % (CS:GO)

– Min. K/D Ratio (CS:GO)

– Min. Rounds Won % (CS:GO)

– Min. Total Accuracy % (CS:GO)

– Min. AWP Accuracy % (CS:GO)

– Min. Hours Played (CS:GO)

– Min. KDA Ratio (LoL)

– Min. Win Rate % (LoL)

– Min. Matches Played (LoL)


Why It’s Essential: With almost 1 million users, having the ability to search for exactly what you want not only saves you a lot of time, it also ensures the Teams you apply to and the Players you team up with are perfect for you.

League of Legends:

Role Experience Visible


With Player Premium, your role has a displayed role experience which shows exactly how long you have been in that role.


Why It’s Essential: If a Team is looking for a certain position, the amount of experience you have in that position can give you an edge over other Players and land you on a Team.

League of Legends:

Unlimited Vacancy Applications


With Premium, Players are no longer restricted to applying to just 5 Team vacancies per month.


Why It’s Essential: From time to time, for whatever reason, Team Owners do not respond to applications right away. Just imagine you apply to 5 teams in the first few days and:

– 3 of those Team Owners select a different Player

– 2 Team Owners decide to give their Teams a break for a few weeks.

You now have to wait almost 4 weeks before you can apply to join other Teams. Premium Players won’t have that problem.


Direct Applications


Being a Premium Player allows you to directly apply to a Team. It’s important to understand that this method of recruiting Players is only available to Premium Players.

Why It’s Essential: Directly applying to a Team means that you completely skip the vacancy step. If you see a Team that you would like to join, simply click the “apply” button and wait for the Team Owner’s response. It isn’t unheard of for a Player to join a Team when the Team Owner wasn’t even looking to add a new Player. Sometimes, all it takes is applying.

League of Legends:

Ability To Apply To Full Teams


The heading should pretty much sum this one up. But, just in case, Player Premium allows Players to try to join a Team that isn’t currently looking for Players, removing the need for a Team to have an “open slot” in order to apply.

Why It’s Essential: At any given moment, a Team may be ready to replace one of their Players. And sometimes, all it takes is simply noticing another Player.

Profile Position


Premium profiles are always shown higher in the search results than basic profiles.

Why It’s Essential: Having your profile shown higher in the search results increases the chances of you standing out. Even if you aren’t looking for a new Team, a better Team could come along, notice your Player Profile, and send you an offer.

League of Legends:

Application Position


Premium applications are always shown higher in the Team Owner’s recruitment section.

Why It’s Essential: Being on top helps your application stick out and get noticed. This will increase the likelihood of you receiving an offer. After all, you can’t get an offer if your application isn’t seen.

League of Legends:

Player’s Team History


Premium Players have the ability to see a Team’s player history.


Why It’s Essential: This is very important when deciding to apply to a Team or not. You can chat with current and recent Players to determine the overall vibe of the Team and whether it would be a good fit for you or not.


Profile and Application Design


Player Premium Profiles and applications have a more refined design.


Why It’s Essential: Oh, you sexy design. Premium designs are essential because they look better and Team Owners tend to visit them more. They also show additional statistics and information. But mainly because they look so nice.

League of Legends:

Shesh! That is a lot of information. We hope that the unlimited access to DreamTeam tools and additional stats make joining a Team even easier. Let us know if you have any questions about Player Premium. Also, be sure to check out our article on Team Premium. Understanding Team Premium can help you understand the entire process of joining a Team. Ready to experience Premium? Purchase it here.

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