Patch 9.3 Trends

A couple of days into the new patch, we can already see how numerous buffs and nerfs have affected the game. Some changes are just as harsh as Riot Games intended, some champions have managed to rise despite the nerfs. Here’s our brief look at the early trends of Patch 9.3.


The data from Platinum+ matches across all regions is relevant as of February 8, 07:30 GMT


Akali slipped to the bottom. She is currently sitting at a win rate of 45.57%, and has dipped below 29% within the last 24 hours. You have to be much more calculated now that you can’t disappear under turrets or heal with Q. This turned out to be one of the nerfs that went a bit too far and are too much to handle.


Luckily, Riot Games seems to be in control. They intentionally weakened the champion too much before gradually restoring her power. Sounds rough, but it’s hard to think of a different treatment for one of the worst SoloQ offenders. Irelia is actually in the same boat (45.01%), and it’s unclear whether any buffs will be added to her.



Nunu is the most successful champion across all positions. He wins 53.4% of the matches, even though Jungle champions and items weren’t tweaked in Patch 9.3. The biggest cause for the surge is that Nunu counters the new champion Sylas (wins 58.91% of the time). Nunu is also a rather simple champion, so up-and-coming Sylas mains can’t really hope for their Jungle opponent to mess up extremely hard.


The champion also handles the most popular Junglers well. Lee Sin, Rengar, Xin Zhao, Graves—Nunu wins in more than 55% of the matches. Keep Nunu in mind if you ever feel like expanding to Jungle.



Sion is the biggest winner of the patch. His Q damage was lowered and his W cooldown was rescaled to make unfavorable matchups even worse early on in the game. However, the champion is still within top-25 across all positions (having a win rate of 52.37%). And there aren’t very many matchup that he consistently loses: even Riven comes out victorious only ~49% of the time.


The early game nerf seems to have failed, too. His win rate keeps rising and peaks at the finish with 20:00–25:00 on the game clock. This suggests that Sion still has an easy time getting and conversing his leads. Enjoy it while it lasts, as the devs will probably deliver another nerf to the champion.

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