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So check this out,’s new Player Profiles are now helping millions of players introduce the world to their inner gamers. And on top of that, DreamTeam’s profiles have a new feature that can help stop the growing level of toxicity in the gaming community. Is that even possible, you ask? Yep, find out how below! Or, skip the reading and experience your Player Profile now!


New Profile


Profile on Dreamteam


The new Player Profiles are divided into four sections: Personality, Games, Achievements, and Activity. Let’s take a look at each one. 




Games on dreamteam


The personality section showcases who you are as a gamer. It includes:

– Some basic info about yourself. 

– A quote—  Be sure to add something inspirational or funny. 😉

– Connect social platforms (Discord, Mixer, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube) — get more subscribers and views. 

– Toxicity control — Other gamers can now rate and review you as a gamer. So, play nice!


This information can be added or updated in the player settings: 


gamers profile




video games platform


The games section allows you to connect the games you play. DreamTeam currently only supports Apex Legends, CS:GO, Fortnite, and LoL. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be supported soon, really soon, like four days. 🙂 Once you connect your game, you’ll be able to click on that game to view all of your stats and see your progress. 






apex legends fortnite challenges


The achievement section shows off your Challenge Badges. This is home to true skill. In fact, our writer had to photoshop this image as he simply isn’t good enough to have anything other than the “Challenge Accepted” badge. Haha. 


Apex Challenges                 Fortnite Challenges




gaming platform


The activity section displays live and upcoming challenges, challenge results, and allows you to manage your cash rewards. 


Apex Challenges                 Fortnite Challenges


So there you have it, our new Player Profiles! And big things are still to come: friends, clans, stat comparisons, more games, etc. The list goes on and on. See you on top of the leaderboards!



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