Top 10 Facts About The New Legends Stage Of The StarLadder Berlin Major Cover

New Legends Stage Recap: Top 10 Facts

We did our best to find out the most fascinating bits of information about the teams in the New Legends Stage. And now we’re revealing them to you. The worst Berlin Major player so far, the longest Major map ever, the strangest way to lose a match, and more. Check it out!


Top 10 Facts About The New Legends Stage Of The StarLadder Berlin Major


A New Legends Stage Pick’ems recap


Firstly, we’ll briefly talk about the group stage results.


Here’s how our Pick’Ems went, and a short recap of the teams’ performances before the playoffs.


Legends Stage Pick'Em Results



Unexpectedly awesome! A flawless 3-0 run with the confident win over Team Vitality. It brings up conflicting feelings – my mind simply refuses to acknowledge the fact that Aleksib won’t be a part of ENCE after the Major.




Beat Team Liquid

Beat Astralis

Champions Stage with a 3-0 record –


After the Legends Stage, I’ve started believing that they’ll win the title.




On paper, their bracket wasn’t that hard, but despite their 3-1 record, they gave their fans some reasons to worry (watch Train vs NRG and Dust2 vs CR4ZY). They’re still yet to get to their peak form.


Team Vitality


Luckily for ZywOo and co, the New Challengers Stage was a wake-up call for the team. ZywOo didn’t need it (1.51 K/D in the first stage), but it worked for apEX and ALEX. However, in my opinion, the semi-final is as far as the French side will go at the StarLadder Berlin Major.




Team Liquid never saw it coming. 3-1. BRAVO!


Na’Vi, Team Liquid


Titans struggling and just making it to the final stage after being down 1-2. These playoffs are going to be tough.




Started off poorly (0-2) but still managed to reach the New Champions Stage by winning three bo3 matches in a row (vs DreamEaters, FaZe Clan, and G2). We all know what happened the last time a team made that kind of comeback in the New Legends Stage #EZ4ENCE 🙂 However, I don’t think the story will be repeated for RNG.


G2, CR4ZY, Mousesports 


Though they went from 2-1 to being busted out of the tournament, these three deserved to make it to the top 8. It was so unfortunate for them to get into the grinder deciders. We’re all waiting for some big performances from them in the near future.


The best way to overcome defeat


Straight after their loss in their Champions Stage Spot decider to Renegades, G2 sat down to write out their mistakes. That’s what they always do after their matches.

G2 Writing Out Their Mistakes


Also, they were joined by apEX from Team Vitality who came to commiserate with his compatriots. That’s just another reason we love CS:GO.

apEX Cheering Up G2

Photo Credit: Igor Bezborodov @borodasltv


Family matters at the Major


Round 3 of the New Legends Stage gave us something rare (had it happened before, hm?). In the CR4ZY vs FaZe Clan matchup Nemanja “huNter-” Kovač faced his star cousin, Nikola “NiKo” Kovač. In his interview after the match, huNter said that everyone was excited for the matchup, except for him and NiKo. Eventually, one of the cousins had to fall, and it was NiKo, as CR4ZY beat FaZe on Mirage 16:9.

NiKo Hugs huNter- After The Match


Observers issue partially resolved


We’ve already highlighted the fact that StarLadder Berlin Major viewers were not too happy with the observers’ work at the tournament. StarLadder took all the complaints and comments into account and hired the tier-1 observer, Connor “Sliggy” Blomfield. He announced it on his twitter.

Though he was the only addition to the observers’ roster, there were no issues raised after.


Besides that, the analytics desk member, Sean “seang@res” Gares, expressed his support of StarLadder on his twitter.



The greatest test, The New Champions Stage, is still ahead. We’ll see if everything goes smoothly.


The worst player of the Major


NiP were busted out of the tournament with an 0-3 record, as we predicted in our Pick’Ems. Thorin gave some harsh comments on the team’s performance in his post-match analytics.

Credit to u/littleman1988


The saddest fact for me is that the CS:GO legend, Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg, finished the tournament with the worst performance of all players – a dismal 0.49 K/D ratio. I really hope that doesn’t affect him too much and as soon as the NiP reshuffle story ends, he comes back strong.

f0rest Showed The Worst Performance At The Major


The Forgotten Bomb


G2’s match vs. Astralis was a tough test for the French squad. It wasn’t just that they lost it, but how it happened.


In the 2nd half on the CT side, G2 lost 8 straight rounds, putting Astralis on map point, 15:7. In the 23rd round, they finally managed to execute their defense successfully, retake the lower bombsite, but…forgot to defuse the bomb. For some unknown reason, all of the G2 players scattered across the map, letting the bomb explode and giving Astralis the victory. 



The longest Major match ever


We’ve been seeing a lot of OTs at this Major. And now we have a new record.


Astralis and NRG, in their match on Train, tied the MLG Columbus 2016 record set by FlipSid3 and mouz on Cobblestone28:31


But then the record was broken, and Astralis were involved again. It happened in their match vs CR4ZY on Dust2. The teams played 60 rounds to finish the map 29:31 in CR4ZY’s favor.


The Longest Match At Majors Ever Astralis 29-31 CR4ZY


The end of the streak


Olof “Olofmeister” Kajbjer retained his Legend status for 14 Majors straight. At the StarLadder Berlin Major, his team, FaZe Clan, failed to qualify for the Champions Stage, which ended olof’s legendary streak. 


RpK at the Majors (credit to u/KKonaBrothermanBill)


Cédric “RpK” Guipouy has attended Majors nine times now with Titan, G2, Envy, and Vitality. But the StarLadder Berlin Major is RpK’s first time making it to the playoffs. 


Tarik at the Majors (credit to u/nherg)


Tarik “Tarik” Celik has now made it to four Major playoffs, all with different teams.


MLG Columbus 2016 – Counter Logic Gaming

ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018 – Cloud9

FaceIT Major London 2018 – MIBR

StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 – NRG


On Sunday, we’ll find out who the new Major champion is. For now, the break at the StarLadder Berlin Major gives us a few days to catch our breath and recharge before the final sprint – the New Champions Stage. And as we’re all waiting, you can check out our Pick’Ems and info about the previous stages, or take a gander at the educational and fun sections on our blog. We never get enough of CS. Stay tuned to Later.

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