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New Legends Stage Pick’Em – StarLadder Berlin Major 2019

The New Challengers Stage of the StarLadder Berlin Major is in the books. Some of our bold predictions came true (AVANGAR and CR4ZY – good job!), some of them did not (farewell, forZe and FURIA 🙁 ). 


However, that means it’s time for the New Legends Stage Pick’Em. Jump in and find out which teams, in our opinion, will make it to the New Champions Stage.








Controversy #volume 1


With the performance Vitality had in the New Challengers stage, they’re far from looking like world-beaters. However…


– They are in the middle of the ELO bracket, so their bo1 matches won’t be the toughest possible (a bo3 for a 3-0 record will be tough as hell if they succeed, but we’ll have to see if it gets to that point).


– They are warmed up, so the team has a slight advantage over the current Legends in terms of practice.


– The ZywOo factor


It’s a risk, but I’ll take it.


Teams to advance to the New Champions Stage






Since Boombl4’s arrival, Na’Vi have participated in just one tournament – ESL One: Cologne 2019. A top 3-4 result with a newcomer on the roster has set the bar high for the team. So now fans expect nothing less than making it to the Champions Stage. The break was long, but that’s the minimum acceptable result for s1mple and co.






In his interview, shox emphasized his eagerness coming into this Berlin Major – a 1.31 K/D ratio over 7 maps totally reflects that. That definitely contributed to his team’s confident run (3:1) in the Challengers Stage. The big names like Na’Vi or Astralis are still yet to be faced, but G2’s peak form is also ahead. It’s the perfect time to unleash.






Controversy #volume 2.


One of the Kovac brothers has to make it through the Legends Stage. At this point, I’m taking the older one 😛


With NEO’s arrival, FaZe have been struggling (except for the most recent BLAST LA performance). But I saw CR4ZY in action at the EU Minor and in the New Challengers Stage. And I liked it. The pressure is off after reaching their goal, everything from here on out is gravy. If they play loose and focused, we may just see a new name among the Champions.






Once there was a time when this team was a 3-0 and title winner first-pick. The lack of recent in-game action from Astralis makes the decision on whether to pick them or not be based on your outlook for them.


I’m choosing the positive one.


A painful fall from CS:GO Olympus ⇔ a motivation to come back.

Not playing a single tournament LAN game in more than 50 days ⇔ Good IRL rest (according to the Instagram accounts).


They are the defending champions after all. There’s no way Astralis will fall flat in the Legends Stage.


Team Liquid


Team Liquid


There’s no Pick’Em in the world which doesn’t include Team Liquid. Period. Well, maybe unless you’re a Cloud9 fan.






I sang the praises of Mousesports before, and I’m continuing to do it now. The reasons remain the same. This time, though, except for their on-paper qualification and my anticipations I have their flawless 3:0 run in the New Challengers Stage as my justification. Plus, woxic’s finally going to have his mouse 🙂 In two words, easy pick.






Except for their opening match setback, NRG showed consistency and confidence through the previous stage. Just look at these stats – they are excellent:


NRG stats


The Legends Stage won’t be a walk in the park, as the competition will be tougher. If they continue doing their thing, they will grind their way to the next stage with a 3-1 or 3-2 record.








I was crying while dragging the NiP logo to the 0-3 spot. But that’s the hard truth.


NiP’s recent performance at the ESL Pro League Season 9 Europe Relegation was a thriller and a nightmare combined. There, they competed against far weaker teams than they will at this stage of the Major


Another fact that casts doubt on the team’s ability to perform at the StarLadder Major is that they are playing with a stand-in, Golden


The uncertainty and speculation about GeT_RiGhT’s future within NiP could also hamper the team. 


The cherry on top of all that is the scandal the organization has been hit with recently. The toxic atmosphere that could create within the team could have a hugely negative impact on their performance in Berlin #savef0rest


Sad but true. 


So, this is how DreamTeam’s Pick’Ems look like.


New Legends Stage Pick'Em



The New Legends Stage Pick’Em’s done. Now it’s time for you to pick your favorites. Hurry up, there are only a few hours left 🙂 Then, come back to, where we can enjoy the StarLadder Berlin Major together.

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